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9 Ways to Imporove Your Knife Skills

foodandwine.com — The funny thing about great summer cooking is that the best of it involves no actual cooking. The ingredients basically do the work: delicate sugar snap peas nestling among fat chunks of watermelon; crisp radish rounds falling on pearly, raw scallops. In summer, food can be easy. But not necessarily simple.

A Thai Shrimp Salad of Myriad Tastes

nytimes.com — A few stories above a blessedly calm Midtown street, the elevator doors opened and I stared straight at a Garuda - fearsome mythic eagle, mount of Lord Narayana, reflection of the divine power of the kings of Thailand - inlaid into the seal of the Royal Thai Consulate General.

Hawaii's Soul Food

How to Master Pierogies

Mom’s recipe for sticky soy sauce ribs

salon.com — For the ultimate in panicky cat-herding experiences, try this: invite a bunch of friends over for a dinner party and teach them to make your mother's Taiwanese dumplings. And then wait, two-thirds starving, for even a handful of passable dumplings to emerge.

The greatest five-minute tomato pasta on earth

salon.com — When I first heard about eating seasonally and locally, I thought it was great idea - in the same way that I thought trying yoga and getting around to opening a retirement account and settling down with a nice Jewish girl sound like great ideas. Fabulous, really, excellent and ...

The secrets of service

splendidtable.org — What defines great restaurant service? Restaurateur Will Guidara, co-owner of New York's renowned Eleven Madison Park, shares his thoughts, and why it sometimes includes personalized bocce balls, with Francis Lam. Francis Lam: So I'm going to start with a very simple question for you: What is great service?

Spam four-way: Broiled, sauteed, poached and braised

salon.com — Is there a food more widely mocked than Spam? Its name was long rumored to stand for Stuff Posing as Meat. It's synonymous with Internet junk. (No, kids, they didn't name the canned pig after banking offers from dispossessed Nigerian millionaires. It was the other way around.)

KFC’s insane Double Down taste-tested: Release the cracklin’!

salon.com — Ladies and gentlemen: It's Double-D Day. After insane blogosphere buildup and a menacing countdown timer on its Web site, KFC finally released its Kraken: a sandwich made of bacon, cheese, mayo-ish sauce and two slabs of fried chicken as the bread. Logic dictates that you have to look at the numbers.

White Castle: A history of culinary violence

salon.com — This might be a sign that my life has taken a wrong turn, but this appeared in my e-mail: "I hear you're doing a recurring column about eating nasty shit. You should eat the chicken rings they've got at White Castle. They come in ranch flavor." So this is what my work has become?
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Jul 29, 2016

@blandford360 that is an incredibly reductive notion of federalism. Many ways that common good can only be brought about by federal means

Jul 29, 2016

@blandford360 this seems like the wrong area of personality consideration when choosing a president of an enormous country

Jul 29, 2016

@blandford360 @kainazamaria cool. Maybe let's get a guy who knows nothing but can keep saying make America great again over and over.

Jul 29, 2016

One hundo. She actually radiated joy when she talked about the work of governance and leadership. Inspiring, really  https://twitter.com/kainazamaria/status/758863430501609472 

Jul 29, 2016

@joshtpm can you believe she didn't talk about her email server in her acceptance speech the nerve

Jul 29, 2016

RT @davelozo: You are confusing the requirements for being president with the requirements for working on a United flight.  https://twitter.com/katiepavlich/status/758855852988129280 

Jul 29, 2016

RT @lizzwinstead: This convention was defined when Ted Cruz asked Americans to use their conscience and they boo'd him off stage for it. #RNCinCLE

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