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Terry Tate Checks Donald Trump in Timely Throwback to Classic Reebok Ads — Terry Tate, the fictional office linebacker from Reebok's famous ads a decade ago about proper behavior, is back to weigh in on the 2016 election. And the result is spectacular. A new clip from Funny or Die features the character, who famously and forcefully disciplined white-collar drones slacking off on the job, doing what he does best-this time, to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Ad of the Day: Mads Mikkelsen Is a Riveting, Bizarre Hitman in Ford's 8-Minute Gangster Flick — The new Ford Edge is so enchanting, it will turn the vicious assassin that an arms dealer hired to kill you into a smitten guardian angel-though the killer with the heart of gold might still steal your ride as payment for his protection.

This Most Horrifying PSA Portrays Addiction to One of the World's Deadliest Drugs — If you've ever wanted to try to climb inside the head of a drug addict willing to shoot up a flesh-rotting, mind-melting opioid, now may be your chance.

Ad of the Day: Sick Kids Are the Ultimate Fighters in Brilliant Hospital Ads by Cossette — A boy suffering from kidney failure isn't weak. He's a gladiator about to step into the ring for battle. So says a gorgeous, jaw-dropping new campaign from SickKids Hospital-or as it's more formally known, The Hospital for Sick Children-in Toronto.

Lincoln Unveils Print Ads Shot by Annie Leibovitz, Her First Photos for an Automaker — The Lincoln Motor Company is out with a new print campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz, the iconic portrait photographer's first ads for a car. The images feature musician Jon Batiste, artist Tali Lennox, actor Giles Matthey and director Ben Younger in and around the automaker's 2017 Continental, set against downtown backgrounds and country landscapes.

This Toronto Agency Got a Bunch of Canadians to Tell America It's Already Great — The U.S. presidential election is so bad that a group of Canadians have launched a campaign to boost the self-esteem of Americans. Toronto-based creative agency The Garden is spearheading a charm offensive titled "Tell America It's Great"-a play on Republican nominee Donald Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."

Maëva Berthelot Dances Around an Empty London in This Striking Ad for Bose — A lone dancer, Maëva Berthelot, gorgeously freestyles her way through London's empty streets. The sun is out, and the scene is bright-not quite desolate-as she twists and weaves across plazas, around street corners, and through the Tube, all devoid of life.

If You're Scared of Clowns, Do Not Watch This Candy Ad. You've Been Warned — Texas confectionary Atomic Candy is getting into the Halloween spirit with a creepy new commercial that capitalizes on the current wave of clown mass hysteria. The spot, from Innocean USA, features a bozo with a baseball bat terrifying an animated piñata into producing candy-sadly, in a fashion that's sure to put viewers off Snickers bars for good.

Inside Chipotle and Willie Nelson's Sustainable Farming Ad — No one, as the idiom goes, should see how the sausage is made. Thankfully, that rule doesn't apply to animated pork cubes. Last week, AdFreak posted Chipotle's charmingly poignant ad for sustainable farming, featuring Willie Nelson's cover of Coldplay's "The Scientist."

ADT Reassures Boy Who's Terrified of Ghosts That His Home Is Safe in This Cute Ad — ADT alarm systems don't just protect you against burglars. They protects you against ghosts. At least, that's what one salesman told a scared child during a phone call that agency SapientNitro has now turned into an animated ad. As the security company tells it, 9-year-old Benjamin Carubba, who lives in the New Orleans area, developed an intense fear of ghosts.
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Nov 24, 2015

RT @nudd: Watching Katy Perry's H&M ad is "like getting punched in the face with a fistful of glitter," says @gabrielbeltrone.

Dec 10, 2013

.@nudd's annual 10 best ads list, nice balance of viral hits and exceptionally well-produced spots 

Dec 10, 2013

@rhettandlink thanks for writing a fun song, and reading, and tweeting. (Sent, of course, from my phone). Cc @Adweek

Dec 09, 2013

@eringriffith good times - thanks again for the intro. @SandersAK thanks for the coffee and the chat - looking forward to more soon.

Oct 02, 2013

@EranEyal hey, thanks for the heads up, working on sorting it out.

Sep 30, 2013

Coke loses laurels as world's top brand, slipping to third behind Apple and Google.  by @chris_heine

Sep 17, 2013

"[VW] must have figured enough of the target market was soaking up MTV in the mid-1980s to make this worthwhile." 

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