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@cody_winchester @micahmertes @nelson_aj I turn 79 this year, but I don't look a day over 15. How? Well, Cody, you're partially right: it's smoking Cubans. But no jerky and oreos. I've found that a Miller High Life a day keeps the doctor away. ;)
@micahmertes @nelson_aj @cody_winchester Well, son, pull up a chair and we can talk about that. Does "experience" mean growing up in the midst of WWII? Then yes. Does it mean witnessing the madness of the 60s? Then of course. Does it mean watching newspapers from their heyday to their demise? Yes, I have experience.
“It is a drawn-out process for a reason,” Burns said during the hearing. “Hasty decisions can have unintended consequences.” 
@micahmertes The year was 1954. I was 15 years old. Me and the boy I was going steady with used to get shakes and go see the talkies at the Dundee in the summer. But my old man found out, and he thought it made me look "improper," so I was banned from going after that. Smh
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