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Harlan Ullman is a thought leader, strategic thinker and active businessman engaged in a number of projects

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Please see my latest comment on my book and a review that I found way off the mark.  https://mwi.usma.edu/fighting-wars-abroad-losing-washington 
In recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the prez was either practicing misdirection given the Mueller investigation or the art of the deal wrongly believing Saudi Arabia is on side and now is Israel. As Trump abandoned TTP, he has done the same for peace in the region.
Re "Anatomy Failure," this is quite a book review from the renown former BBC correspondent Humphrey Hawksley:  http://www.asianaffairs.in/2017/12/america-use-your-brains 
Senate tax bill reflects expediency over sound policy. As usual, no one read it beforehand in its entirety. And it will not produce long term growth, a more equitable tax code or higher wages when non-discretionary federal spending remains out of control. Shame on the Senate!
The bureaucratic death by a 1000 cuts for SecState Rex Tillerson reflects Trump's leadership style.. Worse, out of spite, State is being punished because 1300 employees publicly criticized Trump immigration ban. What a way to run a country. George Wash'tn, Abe and FDR would weep
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