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Huawei's Honor 8: A Flagship-Class Smartphone Without The Flagship Price

fastcompany.com — In recent quarters, Huawei has been the top-selling manufacturer of smartphones in its home market, China. Part of its recipe for success has been a brand-within-the-brand called Honor, which- like Xiaomi before it -focuses on selling cool Android phones at reasonable prices to young people over the Internet.

With Its Alloy Headset, Intel Wants To Usher In The Era Of "Mixed Reality"

fastcompany.com — There was a time when you attended the keynote at the Intel Developer Forum conference in San Francisco to learn about what was new in the world of PCs.

Take Photos Like a War Correspondent

fastcompany.com — Anyone can take a photo: just point your camera and fire away. Taking a photo that transcends language to communicate dread, happiness, or heartache is, however, a singular talent. It requires compassion, a patient eye, and a lifetime of practice. It's a skill that Paula Bronstein has mastered.

Meet The San Francisco Startup Creating A Future For Polaroid

fastcompany.com — When I grab tea with Frederick Blackford at a little corner bar in San Francisco's Hayes Valley neighborhood, the man behind the counter overhears us talking about Polaroid. And it just puts a smile on his face. Unprompted, he explains to us that the brand that made photography instant is not a relic, but alive, well, and cool.

Facebook's Paper App for iPhone Is the Future of Facebook

time.com — Last Thursday, Face book announced that it was about to release an iPhone app called Paper. The app is now available from Apple's App Store. If you use Facebook on an iPhone, you really need to try it.

The iPad. Of 2000. As Envisioned in 1988

technologizer.com — How a bunch of college students figured out what an Apple tablet should be, twenty-two years before it existed. In the late 1980s, Apple Computer was better known for fantasizing about breakthrough products than making them. Most famously, CEO John Sculley envisioned a futuristic gizmo called the Knowledge Navigator-featuring a bowtied digital assistant-in his 1987 book Odyssey.

Amazon's New Page-Flip Feature Makes Kindle Books More Skimmable

fastcompany.com — The advantages that e-books have over their dead-tree forebears are so many and varied that I'm not going to bother detailing them here. But printed books retain numerous virtues, too. They are, for instance, wonderfully optimized for skimming: Stick your finger in as a bookmark, and you can rifle your way forward (or backward) without losing your place.

Burner's New Chatbot Is Designed To Drive Away People You Don't Want To Talk To

fastcompany.com — "When can I see u" "can't I have a cold" "I'll bring u chicken soup" "thanks I'll make a note of that" "Tomorrow night?" "sorry I'm traveling" "Just tell me when" "Do you even like me?" "I have no clue" This text-messaging conversation isn't going much of anywhere-and that's exactly the point.

Twitter's Tightrope: Keeping Current Users Happy While Adding Lots Of New Ones

fastcompany.com — In most contexts, 310 million is an impressively large number. But when it comes to Twitter-which has that many monthly active members-Wall Street sees it as a problem. That's because investors instinctively benchmark Twitter against Facebook, which has more than 1.65 billion monthly users and is still growing.

26 Billion Reasons Why Microsoft Must Beat Slack To The Future of Productivity

fastcompany.com — In an alternate universe, Microsoft wouldn't have to compete with Slack-because it would own it. In March, TechCrunch reported that Microsoft applications and services chief Qi Lu had pitched his bosses the idea of paying up to $8 billion to acquire the messaging phenom.
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Aug 23, 2016

The day is not far off, I fear, when I'll spend more of my time on accidental Facebook calls than I do on actual intentional phone calls.

Aug 23, 2016

Here's the trailer for the only 2016 superhero movie you need to plan your life around.  https://youtu.be/5r6a8bOahFQ 

Aug 23, 2016

@BongBong And it was $1200, although my parents paid for half of it.

Aug 23, 2016

@radiocolin Two people splitting there duties between Pinterest and Instapaper doesn't sound promising.

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