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Brexit could spawn army of illegal EU workers — One of the many circles Theresa May is trying to square is how to keep the Irish border open while stopping free movement of people from the EU. The problem is devilishly hard to solve because, since Ireland is part of the EU, all European citizens will continue to have an automatic right to go the Republic.

Election needed to authorise potential break-up of UK — The government mustn't use the crown's prerogative to trigger Article 50 of the LIsbon Treaty because doing so could lead to Scottish independence. That, in turn, would flout the Act of Union between Scotland and England, an act that can only be overturned by either a general election or another act of parliament.

N. Ireland first minister makes U-turn admitting Brexit risk — If you think Britain's two main parties seem conflicted over Brexit, try to imagine what is going in the power-sharing administration of Northern Ireland. Arlene Foster, the First Minister and leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, told her supporters during the referendum campaign that leaving the European Union would be nothing but beneficial.

What tariff policy will UK adopt post-Brexit? — One of Liam Fox's main tasks will be to construct a new UK tariff to take the place of the EU's Common External Tariff which has hitherto applied to imports into the UK from those third countries with whom the EU does not have special trade arrangements.

Brexiteers try to wriggle out of blame for economic slowdown — The economy is flagging, the Bank of England is cutting interest rates to try and stave off a recession, and The Telegraph knows exactly what's to blame. It's not the referendum result the paper campaigned so hard for. It is, instead, the audacity of those who dared to campaign against it.

Two-step deal isn’t silver bullet — If we trigger Article 50 and quit the EU two years later, the economy could suffer a trauma. Hence, an idea gaining currency that we should spend several years in a half-way house post Brexit. During that period, we would figure out our long-term trade deal with the EU.

Merkel owes us one for Turkey charade — With President Recep Tayyip Erdogan backing the death penalty in response to last month's coup attempt, Turkey is close to disqualifying itself from being an EU member. It's a pity UK voters didn't know the idea that Turkey was about to join the club wasn't serious when they voted to quit it.

What Brexit do we want? The one Leavers promised — This is a mistake. No Brexit is a good Brexit - except in Leavers' dreams. Rather than spending energy to ameliorate the Brexit terms, we should demand the Brexit that Leavers promised. We know it's impossible. But that's not our fault. Here are eight top promises Brexiteers shouldn't be allowed to wriggle out of.

Government could use taxation to restrict immigration — The government will have to find ways of restricting immigration that deliver on the expectations of those that voted for Brexit, but at the same time are not administratively complex for business and do not upset our European neighbours.

Theresa May’s first negotiation challenge is her own cabinet — Theresa May's mantra that "Brexit means Brexit" was enough to win the Tory party leadership. But it is a vacuous statement, as nobody knows what Brexit means. The prime minister's job is now to define it. The first, tricky, step is to convince her cabinet colleagues of whatever vision she plumps for.
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Aug 23, 2016

Still don't believe Brexit hurting economy. See @infactsorg's running tab 

Aug 23, 2016

But at least you now admit that they were the Guardian's words, not mine. I rely on you to get your facts right :) @afneil

Aug 22, 2016

I am just tweeting a Guardian article! @afneil

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