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One month on from June 23: look to future — One month on from the Brexit vote, many of us who wanted to stay in the EU are still bewildered, angry or bereft. There is a temptation either to sink into despair and do nothing or to spend our energies fighting lost battles. It would be better to be forward looking and constructive.

U-turn on migration target raises hope of soft Brexit — Boris Johnson and Amber Rudd have signalled the government may abandon David Cameron's foolish migration target. That could make it easier to avoid a hard Brexit. Rudd, the new home secretary, said the government's "aim" was to reduce net migration to "sustainable levels", according to the Telegraph .

Gisela Stuart tries to airbrush record on migration — Gisela Stuart is trying to wash her hands of responsibility for racial hatred unleashed by the referendum campaign . The Vote Leave chair told Progress Online that she played a vital role in tempering some of the more inflammatory rhetoric on immigration. The Labour MP didn't try hard enough.

To think UK backed Brexit on theory Turkey was about to join — The idea that 80 million Turks were heading for Britain to take our jobs and use our NHS was always fanciful. After the failed coup, Leave voters duped by this scaremongering might like to think again. One of the Leave camp's most successful ploys was to argue that Turkey was scheduled to join the EU in 2020.

UK likely to miss out on giant new EU capital market — During the referendum, the Remain camp was virtually silent on how much Britain had to lose from leaving the EU. One important opportunity was to lead what is known as capital markets union - a plan to create a vast new capital market for Europe.

Brexit may lead to “EU army” and we can’t stop it now — Barely has Britain voted to quit the EU than Germany and France are calling for closer defence cooperation . Berlin said yesterday that the UK had "paralysed" such initiatives in the past. If and when we leave the EU, we will lose our ability to veto anything the other countries do in the defence sphere.

Leavers are all quitters: undermining referendum legitimacy — When there isn't £350 million a week for the NHS, the voters won't be able to blame Theresa May. When VAT on energy isn't scrapped, she'll be able to say it wasn't her promise. If unemployment rises, the soon-to-be prime minister can truthfully say: "Not my fault".

Still slim chance of staying in EU with May as PM — Theresa May says Brexit means Brexit and she won't hold a second referendum even if the public mood changes. Despite voting for Remain, the home secretary is committed to taking Britain out of the EU. She also reiterated today that: "Free movement cannot continue as it has done up to now."

Leadsom is best bet to stay in EU - but at huge cost — Theresa May voted Remain. Her leadership rival, Andrea Leadsom, voted Leave. Paradoxically, a victory by the energy minister is the best opportunity to stay in the EU because she could tank the economy and split the Tories, paving the way for a u-turn. Leadsom has only two years' experience as a junior minister.

Ms Leadsom’s misleading claims — Andrea Leadsom hasn't just seemingly exaggerated her financial experience. During the referendum campaign, she made other incorrect, misleading or implausible statements. Here are 10 of the choicest. InFact: Britain's exports to the EU represent 13% of our GDP. Their exports to us represent just 3% of their GDP.
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