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100 days after Brexit, don’t give up hope — It is easy for those who wanted to stay in the EU and help lead it to feel disheartened. Most MPs who backed remain - from both the Tories and Labour - have run to the hills. The House of Commons, which used to have a large majority for remain, has now swung behind Brexit.

Is Boris wriggling out of pledge to axe payments to EU? — Boris Johnson persuaded the voters to leave the EU by making a series of false promises. One by one, the foreign secretary appears to be backing away from them. The latest was his pledge to axe payments to the EU.

Corbyn is right to call for migrant impact fund — Migrants are beneficial to our country as a whole. This is particularly clear as far as free movement from the EU goes. Those who arrived since 2000 contributed £20 billion more in taxes to our economy than they consumed in public services in the following decade, according to research by UCL.

Labour’s travails increase chance of hard Brexit — Anybody thinking that Labour might act as a brake on the hard Brexiters inside the Tory party should think again. Jeremy Corbyn may be lording it over his party after his triumphant reelection as party leader. But he is an astonishingly weak leader of the opposition, who won't give Theresa May any trouble.

The Independent View: Making common ground — We've lost a battle. But there are many more to come. We must not lose them all. To win, we will need to fight more smartly than we did in the past. We must understand why we lost. The government - and Stronger In, which was in Downing Street's pocket - had no vision for...

Are Tories vulnerable to far-right entryism? — UKIP itself may be nearing its sell-by date. With the party's prime goal of Brexit virtually achieved and Farage handing over today to a little known leader, Diane James , it is not clear where the party itself goes. But that doesn't mean UKIP's prime movers have given up their ambitions.

Tragedy of empty seat at Bratislava — The leaders of 27 EU nations are meeting in the Slovak capital to discuss migration, terrorism and globalisation. Britain had a lot to contribute in all three areas. It's a crying shame we're not there. Brexiteers always downplayed our influence in Europe.

Chinese takeaway, French film and another vote — A group of work colleagues has agreed to spend an evening together. With some difficulty, they have found an evening that they can all manage, so the discussion turns to how they will spend it.

Hello, Boris, what happened your £350m NHS promise? — Boris Johnson is fronting a new Brexit group that is attempting to wriggle out of campaign promises - notably the pledge to give an extra £350 million a week to the NHS. Without this commitment - and an accompanying lie that we send the EU £350 million a week - it is doubtful that we would have voted narrowly for Brexit.

Corbyn’s single market ideas incoherent — Jeremy Corbyn has as little comprehension of how the EU works as hardline Brexiteers in the Tory party. The Labour leader wants full access to the single market without abiding by its state aid rules. That's as fanciful as full access to the market without accepting free movement - the fantasy promised by the Leave camp during the referendum.
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