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Retraction Watch

retractionwatch.com — The week at Retraction Watch featured developments in the retraction of a paper claiming the dangers of GMOs, and claims of censorship by a Nature journal. Here's what was happening elsewhere: "It's high time that we abandoned the well-worn term 'statistically significant'." The arbitrary cut-off currently used is inadequate, argues David Colquhoun.

Science journals increasingly giving space to negative findings

statnews.com — Negativity in politics is a drag, a coarsening of the debate that drowns out meaningful discussions of facts and policies. When it comes to science, however, we need more negativity - negative findings, that is. Critics of the status quo in science have long lamented journals' tendency not to publish negative findings, meaning studies that fail to support their hypotheses.

Eighth Voinnet paper retracted - this one from Science

retractionwatch.com — A high-profile plant scientist who has been racking up corrections and retractions at a steady clip has had another paper - this one from Science - retracted. The retraction, of a paper that had been previously corrected, is the eighth for Olivier Voinnet. According to the notice, the correction did not address all the figure problems ...

Why Child Care in America Is Broken

Reuters breaks Lancet embargo | Embargo Watch on WordPress.com

embargowatch.wordpress.com — The Lancet lifted an embargo early on Thursday, following a break. From an email sent out to The Lancet press list at 7:02 a.m. UK time Thursday morning: Following an embargo break on this series of papers, we have now lifted the embargo with immediate effect.

Weekend reads: Questions about NIH success story; do Nobels need a reset?; coercing PhD graduates

retractionwatch.com — The week at Retraction Watch featured doubts about the effects of oxytocin, aka the "love hormone," and a report on how common reference errors are. Here's what was happening elsewhere, with apologies for the later-than-usual posting: A major success story drug for the NIH's National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences may have downplayed problems in its ...

Does science need the Nobels?

statnews.com — For science watchers, this week is like the Oscars, the Emmys, and all the birthdays rolled into one. In its annual flurry of surprise phone calls to astonished researchers, the Nobel Prize committees have named their winners, including the science awards in physics, chemistry and medicine.

Scientist who faked data in his thesis will keep his PhD

retractionwatch.com — Last month, we reported on the case of Nitin Aggarwal, who earned his PhD at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and who, according to the Office of Research Integrity (ORI), faked data in his graduate thesis, in applications for National Institutes of Health and American Heart Association grant, and in two published papers.

EurekAlert! back online, weeks after hacking incident | Embargo Watch on WordPress.com

embargowatch.wordpress.com — A number of science journalists may be breathing a big sigh of relief this afternoon, if they check their inboxes. Nineteen days after going dark because it was hacked, the embargoed section of the EurekAlert! press release service is back online. The site was taken offline late on the night of September 13 because of...

Retraction Watch

retractionwatch.com — The week at Retraction Watch featured a look at where retractions for fake peer review come from, and an eyebrow-raising plan that has a journal charging would-be whistleblowers a fee. Here's what was happening elsewhere: Many researchers use sharing fees to keep their data locked up. The latest from our co-founders in STAT.
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Oct 25, 2016

RT @RetractionWatch: Our @ivanoransky's thoughts on clinical trial transparency, part of new @TI_Health-@anticorruption initiative…

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