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Writer for hire. Contributing writer @PacificStand. Other work in Aeon, The Atlantic, Businessweek, Entrepreneur, LARB, Maxim, Slate, Smithsonian and elsewhere.

I'm the director of programming at PolicyMic, a news and analysis startup. Before that I was a digital editor at Al Jazeera America, social media director for Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Businessweek, and an associate editor at The Atlantic.

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What was your first job as a journalist?

I was an associate writer at National Journal's The Hotline for the summer, aggregating political news.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

I learned to type on one.

How is social media changing news?

Everything is faster and voicier. Mistakes are made more often and vetted just as easily.

The World Health Organization May Make a Major Announcement for Transgender Rights

psmag.com — Here's why it would be a big deal for the WHO to re-classify transgender identity. By Jared Keller At long last, the World Health Organization may finally confirm something transgender people have known all along: Being trans is not some sort of disorder.

Why Aren’t Americans Flipping Out About Zika? Because They Already Did Over Ebola

psmag.com — Keep calm, carry on, and don't listen to your local broadcaster. By Jared Keller "If you're pregnant or planning on getting pregnant, don't go south." That's the eerie warning delivered by Dr. Jay Varma, New York City's deputy commissioner for disease control, about Zika, the little-understood virus that has swept through the Americas and Pacific since mid-2015.

How Prisons Overtook Schools as the Foremost American Institutions

psmag.com — Schools are paying the price for our fear. By Jared Keller If, as the idiom goes, money indeed does talk, then state and local governments in the United States have a very important announcement: They care more about felons than schoolchildren. That's the alarming conclusion of a new report from the U.S.

How the Recent Shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge Will Impact Law and Order Policing

psmag.com — The recent police shootings represent perhaps the most significant political obstacle to the Black Lives Matter movement yet. By Jared Keller Years of data suggest that it's never been safer to be a police officer in America.

The Long-Lasting Impact of Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution

psmag.com — How the Vermont senator, who conceded the Democratic primary on Tuesday morning, changed the presidential race-and his own party. By Jared Keller The Bernie Sanders bonanza has come to a close. On Tuesday morning, at a joint rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, ending his own presidential bid in the process.

The Big Problem With That Big Study on Police Shootings and Racial Profiling

psmag.com — And the need for better data. By Jared Keller In the aftermath of the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, thousands of protesters across the nation have flooded the streets to ask one simple question of their elected officials: Why are the police biased to wantonly and indiscriminately gun down black citizens?

The Deaths of Two African-American Men This Week Should Catalyze a National Push for Police Reform

psmag.com — But if the past is any indication, they probably won't. By Jared Keller Alton Sterling and Philando Castile died within 48 hours of each other. Sterling, a 37-year-old African-American Louisiana man, was shot and killed by Baton Rouge police officers Monday night, after an altercation with two white police officers for selling CDs in front of a local supermarket.

Elie Wiesel and the Unbearable Heaviness of History

psmag.com — How the Holocaust survivor and beloved author of Night challenged the way students think about history. By Jared Keller I remember the exact moment Elie Wiesel tore my heart out. I don't recall the exact date or time, but the moment is burned into in my personal history.

Is American Xenophobia Finally Being Tempered?

The Kids Are All Right-but Why?

psmag.com — Young people are drinking and doing drugs less than ever before. What happened to the tawdriness of youth? By Jared Keller If movies and television shows are any indication, your teenage years are supposed to revolve around experimentations with drugs, alcohol, and sex.
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