Sports dumdum, Wall Street Journal. My dumb book, NYT bestseller LITTLE VICTORIES, is out now. Fast eater, slow cyclist, mediocre parent.

Olympic Doping Just Part of Sick Spectacle — Outside of concussions, it's hard to think of a topic in sports in which public reaction has shifted as drastically over the past decade as doping. Not so long ago, we used to be shocked-shocked!-by allegations of illegal performance-enhancing drug use, by outraged steroid headlines, by those comical athlete excuses, but we've all been burned too many times to be shocked anymore.

Tour de France Becomes a Footrace. Really. — Look: I know some of you don't watch bike racing because you think it's the domain of spandex-wearing pharmacist needle-gougers. That's a terribly unfair generalization, frankly. To ignore bike racing is a major life mistake, because you're depriving yourself of what is truly A) a beautiful sport B) some of the greatest unintentional comedy on the planet.

Tim Duncan Departs, Brilliantly, Without Vanity — Tim Duncan retired Monday morning, and his retirement announcement was so appropriately Tim Duncan-like it almost made one misty: not a ceremony, or a television interview, or a gooey letter in Derek Jeter's star-cozy Players Tribune, but a 538-word press release, from the only NBA team he ever played for, the San Antonio Spurs.

The Singular Serena Williams — If you do something well enough for long enough, there comes a time when people start to think it's easy. I worry about this with Serena Williams. I worry that people think that what she does-winning major tennis tournaments by the handful, 22 after taking another Wimbledon singles title on Saturday-is easy for her.

The Rock Star of Cycling — Off the bike, the first thing you notice about Peter Sagan is the hair. The hair is magnificent. It's chestnut-brown with blondish streaks, and it brushes the shoulders of Sagan's rainbow-striped jersey, which he wears because he's the sport of road cycling's reigning world champion. It is not the hair of a typical bike racer.

Is Novak Djokovic Going to Slam 2016? — Anybody else think Wimbledon has snuck up on us? I sure do. Maybe it was the wildly prolonged NBA playoffs and the Game 7 eye-popper between the Cavs and the Warriors, or Cleveland's delightful shirts-optional parade three days later (J.R. I love you.)

What Baseball Can Really Teach Kids — Pssssst! Do you want to read a really positive story about kids and baseball? I know: not what you were expecting, right? Seems like every other day, there's some hand-wringing claim about baseball's shrinking influence upon today's youth. When we talk about baseball, geezers like us might as well be talking about pay telephones, vinyl records and hard candy!

In Cleveland, Love Beats Heartbreak — Greetings from Cleveland, City of Champions, City of Love. Hey, let's say it again, because it's fun: Cleveland, City of Champions, City of Love. "Just so much love, everywhere," Reona Sledge said. "And pride. I'm so proud of my city."

Jason Gay: The 22 Rules of Fourth of July Wiffle Ball — The Fourth of July weekend is almost here, when we gather together and celebrate the invention of the outdoor grill by Founding Fathers Ben Franklin and Ryan Seacrest. I'm not schmancy enough to dispense culinary advice-though you may want to flip over that steak, or sausage, or locavore unicorn, or whatever it is-but it's important to have a Fourth of July game, too.

The Incomparable Serena Williams — SERENA WILLIAMS does not consider herself a morning person-"Not at all," she says with a distressed look-but if she could wake up one morning and not be a globally famous tennis champion, here's what she would do: go to an amusement park. Or shop at the grocery store. "Ordinary things," she says.
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Jul 25, 2016

@imalexbeamyrnot @WSJ couldn't resist! U and Jacoby shd go out to corner and yell at bikes :))

Jul 25, 2016

@amillerstrategy true. tho sources say aso is getting mildly more open

Jul 25, 2016

@newsnextnow ha maybe. I don't mind it. I am definitely not consulted on Sky :)

Jul 24, 2016

Both @WCRhoden and @HarveyAraton are titans who thought differently and wrote beautifully. As reader, thank you. 

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