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Media critic. Public speaker. Anti-racist feminist. Founder/ED, Women In Media &News. Author, Reality Bites Back Comedy nerd

Suicide 2.0: Chris Gethard Finds Hilarity in the Contemplation of Just Ending It — "Comedy does not exist to save me," Chris Gethard reflects in Career Suicide, the Off-Broadway play chronicling the veteran New York comedian's lifelong struggle with suicidal ideation. Yet the taboo-smashing honesty he brings to the stage may well save his audience. A one-man show about alcoholism, anxiety, and chronic depression...

NBC Helped Create Trump—Now It Owes The American Public - The Establishment — We have the Peacock to thank for the ascension of a POTUS nominee whose campaign melds the sleaziness of Jersey Shore with the bigoted pandering of Duck Dynasty. For 11 years and 14 seasons, NBC's The Apprentice groomed the nation to believe that a billion-dollar-losing, vendor-stiffing narcissist with multiple bankruptcies on his corporate record was the gold standard of American wealth, success, and business leadership.

Moderate vs. Narcissist: POTUS Debate #1 (with tweets) · jennpozner

The Media's Role In Trump's Assassination Threat Against Hillary - The Establishment — There's a sacred Constitutional right we need to discuss after Donald Trump's assassination dogwhistle against Hillary Clinton -and it's not the Second Amendment, it's the First. When a major party's presidential candidate suggests "there may be" something "the Second Amendment people" "can do" to prevent his opponent from picking judges, it's time we talk about the role freedom of the press is supposed to play in the healthy functioning of our democracy.

31 DNC Karaoke Songs For Ecstatic And Disgruntled Democrats Alike — Last week, I brought you #RNCkaraoke, to let you "literally drop the mic on what may be the most irrational, racist, and misogynistic political convention in modern American history." Now, in the interest of bipartisan shenanigans, I invite you to pick that mic back up for #DNCkaraoke, a far more nuanced-but just as fun-Magical Musical Mockery Tour.

RNC Karaoke: 21 Songs To Sing Away The Political Apocalypse — After an unusually tragic month, and a Republican National Convention proving to be both a figurativeand literal shitshow, we could all use some levity. The non-sober among us can get sloshed to GOP drinking games from The Root , Politico , Complex , and Time Out .

Everything Wrong With Fox's 'X-Men' Billboard And The Media's Response To It — Welcome to Media Watch. In this twice-monthly column for The Establishment, I'll be writing at the intersections of gender, race, class, and sexuality in news, scripted and reality TV, movies, advertising, #ClickbaitCrimes, social media, media literacy, and media and telecommunications policy, carrying on the Media Watch column I debuted in 1997 in Sojourner: The Women's Forum, then the oldest continuously-publishing feminist newspaper in America.

Stop Telling Women To 'Stay Hot' For Their Husbands — When dozens of women express some variation of "WTF did I just read?!" while sharing an article on social media, it's a guarantee that some media outlet has successfully played us. I call such controversial pieces "Clickbait Crimes"-the result of media outlets intentionally publishing exploitative, bigoted, or sensationalistic content to generate outraged eyeballs for advertisers.

The 10 Plagues Of Election Season - The Establishment — by Jennifer L. Pozner All presidential campaign years raise tensions, but Election 2016 has been especially divisive. The Republican and Democratic parties' nominating battles have unfolded in such a painful and interminable way that I can almost imagine how exhausted my ancestors felt, wandering through the desert for 40 years.

Rosie the Riveter — "Boy, I'm going to miss attacking her," quipped MSNBC's Tucker Carlson after Rosie O'Donnell announced that she will leave The View in June over a contract dispute with ABC. Carlson isn't the only journalist who will miss the woman who served as conservative cable news hosts' favorite punching bag for the past year.
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Oct 24, 2016

I haven't purchased a print edition for a long time; I usually read (and have written for) @nytimes online. I'm going newsprint for this.

Oct 23, 2016

@MeganPsyD @missdoomcookie Yes! I think there are more copies. In transit now so I don't have the address at the moment but I'll circle back

Oct 22, 2016

@Satinlinedcaps Don't see a press/media contact on your site. Can you DM an email address for journalists who want to get in touch? Thanks!

Oct 20, 2016

I marched for a long time before I took this break, @KLNorvell. What's your excuse for trolling women online, you hypocrite? #blockandroll

Oct 20, 2016

#TrumpDrSeuss I do not like you down my shirt/I do not like you up my skirt/I do not like you… 

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