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Why Everyone Should Ride an Electric Bike Over the Golden Gate Bridge — The geography around us hasn't changed much, but technology is always changing. I learned that lesson recently when I biked over the Golden Gate Bridge. I used an iZIP E3 Path Plus electric model that had no problems propelling me up the winding paths, across the bridge, and up even more winding paths to see a stellar view of the ocean, a few whales, and the route I had just taken.

France Makes Email Illegal on Weekends. Here's How U.S. Workers Can Cope With Work Addicition — This summer, France made a big, bold step top combat work addiction. As reported by multiple outlets, there's new legislation that makes it illegal to work on email if your company has over 50 employees on weekends. It sounds a bit crazy, but there's a way for U.S.

SkyGiraffe announces $6 million in funding, open-sources its REST endpoint — SkyGiraffe, the development platform that lets you deploy highly connected apps, has announced a new funding round of $6 million to help them expand their offerings. The startup, based in San Francisco, has also made their single REST endpoint for Slack and other third-party apps available to developers, and has open-sourced its code to help anyone create powerful Slackbots without as much effort.

Reviewed: The Remarkable Liquid-Cooled Laplet That Doesn't Make Noise and Won't Burn Your Lap — If you could name a product of the year in the middle of summer, this might be it. I've been testing the Acer Switch Alpha 12 2-in-1 (or as I like to call them, a laplet--a laptop that works as a tablet) for a few days now.

Resounding Thud Followed by a Slow Rise: Why VR Is Coming Back With a Vengeance — A familiar logo flashed on the screen. I pressed a button on my PlayStation remote and held back a yawn. I won't tell you which game I was testing, but there have been so many versions of this football simulator for the PS4 and Xbox One, it is now older than one of my kids.

No Man’s...Sigh: What went wrong with the game-of-the-year that wasn’t — There's a sinking feeling you get in No Man's Sky, the procedurally generated space exploration game for PS4 and PC. It's when you suddenly realize there is a fatal flaw, one that makes you not want to play anymore. You realize the "game of the year" is barely the game of the week.

Why 4K finally has a chance — I first noticed the difference when tiny white flakes floated across the screen. I was using an Epson Home Cinema 5040UB, one of the first 4K home projectors (it costs a cool $2,999).

Why every college campus needs a chatbot — Dropping a child off at college is a stressful experience. I should know -- I dropped off one last week and another today. It's confusing because everything is so new, your child (who is actually a young adult, how did that happen?) is anxious, and you usually have to settle up on your finances.

5 Excuses Even Good Employees Use to Get Out of Work — The dog ate my homework doesn't work anymore. Employees, even the good ones, have come up with countless excuses for why they are not finishing that spreadsheet that's due in an hour or writing up a new sales proposal that could make the difference in your bottom line.

How higher emotional intelligence will help chatbots — Artificial intelligence is mostly a reaction-based technology. If the A.I. routines in a bot are not that smart, the bot doesn't react appropriately (or very quickly). If a bot knows how to respond correctly, and with urgency, it's due to those reactions being programmed into an interface in the best way possible.
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Aug 24, 2016

Stranger Things withdrawal -- which show should I watch next to replace it?

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