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Celebrate National Coffee Day the Only Way That Matters: 8 Choice Blends — Time to celebrate my favorite beverage. These fruity, exotic, and richly resonate blends are the best you'll find, and some even celebrate further with a nice price reduction. Sourced directly from Kenya, this blend has a fruity flavor -- think plums, pears, and almonds -- and it's rich enough to give you a pleasant after taste.

The major turning point that killed BlackBerry once and for all — I walked into a meeting at a Silicon Valley startup and heard nothing but finger taps. This was around the fall of 2006, or almost exactly ten years ago this week. I remember the meeting because I was covering a company that makes a projection system for virtual meetings, and it was off to see everyone so focused on their BlackBerry devices.

How to Confront Someone in 5 Easy Steps — Confronting people is not always easy, mostly because we tend to complicate things. We get angry or aggressive, we over-explain the problem, we don't quite have the facts straight. Yet, from what I've seen in business and in life, there is a way to follow a simple recipe to confront people in a way that leads to resolution, buy-in, and even a higher level of morale.

12 Travel Gadgets You Won't Be Able to Live Without — The time to find out if a gadget is worth bringing on a business trip is not when you arrive at the hotel. Before you go, scan through these products. Each one has been road tested to make sure it deserves a space in the airplane luggage compartment or under the seat in front of you.

Snapchat's Spectacles Are the Millennial Answer to Google Glass — I won't mince words about Google Glass. It was a terrible product. It didn't really work right. And, it was weird to think you would wear a computer on your head. Snap, the company formerly known as Snapchat that now wants to be a camera company, has announced the new Spectacles glasses, and it's a product that makes more sense.

Is Facebook as left-leaning as everyone suspects? — The largest social network on the planet would like you to believe they are staunchly agnostic and bi-partisan, opposed to picking any favorites. Yet, there are some indications that that Mark Zuckerberg and company have more of a liberal mindset.

What to Wear When You Travel for Work: 8 Great Ideas — Decked out in a suit for a business meeting doesn't work anymore. It's stuffy and off-putting. For those heading out to San Francisco or a tech conference in Las Vegas, these comfortable and style-aware products have technical features (you could use them in a workout) but help you fit in even if you're discussing a multi-million dollar office expansion or that new selfie app.

Provide Value, Enable Others, Share Knowledge? This Job Skill Trumps All of Those — What makes you the best employee in a company? What gives you the "leg up" you need to shine brighter than everyone else? There are quite a few attributes you can hone to find career success. The ability to share your expertise and knowledge is important--people become wiser around you.

What Google Allo's launch means for chatbots — I have high hopes for this one. While Google Allo is still fresh off the starting block, it could become the most significant chatbot messaging platform ever. For now, it does not even allow third-party participation. It's fairly limited and has an uphill climb if it is going to replace WhatsApp or Messenger on your phone.

Why ‘talk to our chatbot’ will replace ‘send us an email’ — I'm known to be a bit negative about email. When you receive a few hundred of them a day, it tends to make you a little skittish, even a little depressed. Yet, it's still my primary form of communication, especially when I'm trying to find answers to problems. In our highly digitized world, it's amazing we still use asynchronous communication so often.
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