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I’m also deeply suspicious of the “journalist as story-teller” thing. Too many journalists are frustrater writers, and writing is not reporting. However... stories are core to how humans learn and understand. The trick is producing factual stories. 
So it turns out you need a comparison between THREE groups to do a solid experiment: treatment, placebo, and nothing at all. Without that third group, you can't know if there is a "real" placebo effect or it's just regression to the mean. 
At least some of the accounts affected by #TwitterPurge seem to be humans. This is the problem with doing anything at scale: nobody cares if you are 99.9% accurate. Only the mistakes get amplified. Transparency of process might help, but also tells people how to game the system.
Measuring media bias is really hard, because what do you measure and how? Which is why nearly everyone who talks about it is more or less making up facts. 
Signal now has $50M in funding, through the new Signal Foundation. Private communication is here to stay. 
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