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Humans naturally tend to assess the world they live in using the lens of their own narrow and immediate needs. But taking "man as the measure of all things" is now not only misguided but dangerous. My blog post for this week:  http://resourceinsights.blogspot.com/2018/01/protagoras-and-anthropocene-can-man.html 
The recently passed federal tax cut seems perilous for the United States government and economy. But the government and the economy move forward with little disturbance. My blog post for this week: https://t.co/2lyLFeRKBX
How we structure our society has a lot to do with how we view human nature. But those structures create something akin to a self-fulfilling prophecy according to media studies scholar Michael Karlberg. My blog post for this week: https://t.co/lsjY1KYuCP
Some people claim that humans—called breatharians—can live on air alone. Others claim we can have economic growth without increasing our resource use, so-called decoupling. The second is the topic of my blog post this week: https://t.co/rCFnDSYU0O
The modern worldview has all the hallmarks of a religion. If we hope to alter the perilous trajectory of humankind, we'll need to replace it with something as potent. My blog post for this week: https://t.co/eJubFT59c0
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