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@roberthamwriter @davidegreenwald Having a partner who has a full time job helps, absolutely it goddamn does! Even just how the anxiety isn’t multiplied when its felt by one person. My husband works full time and we’ve certainly spoken about what will happen in the future - to swap/not.
@davidegreenwald noooope. That tendency of mind/view that’s so hard-wired into the collective psyche that it exists above and beyond logic/fairness. Anything becoming a “norm” is frightening and unfortunately it is, the norm to be overlooked/underpaid.
@roberthamwriter @davidegreenwald That’s interesting! Allowing you to really be creative and not feel the weight of it all if you were relying on yourself. I hear ya. I can imagine you’d be prepared to do the same for her one day too!
@davidegreenwald haahaa. i mean in the ideal world freelance should work like that, design/photography/ production work does, whyyy journalism is held at a different standard is why it’s disheartening. It’s a broken faucet? Blocked sink? tryna be on theme here.
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