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The millennial angle to the AT&T-Time Warner deal - Digiday — Media companies are under pressure to stay relevant with mobile-addicted millennials and distribution companies are trying to diversify their revenue streams. That's a key part of the rationale behind AT&T's proposed $85 billion deal for Time Warner. "This is a completely defensive move," said Dan Coates, president and co-founder of Ypulse, a youth-focused consulting firm.

How Quartz makes sure it's a global brand - Digiday — U.S.-based publishers often have to retrofit their brands for overseas audiences when they expand internationally. That's not the case with Quartz. It set out to be a global, mobile-first publication for the business set from the get-go when the Atlantic Media Company launched it in 2012.

Snapchat's new terms raise questions for media brands' Snapchat teams - Digiday — Snapchat's new terms raise questions for media brands' Snapchat teams Snapchat wants to stop sharing ad revenue with its media partners and pay them licensing fees instead. That means guaranteeing publishers a payday up front, while limiting what they might earn in the long run.

On the hunt for direct audience connections, publishers turn to desktop push notifications - Digiday — Thanks for Facebook's ever-shifting algorithm, publishers are scrambling to build direct audience connections through e-mail newsletters, revamped homepages and even desktop push notifications. The Washington Post, Mic and Vice are all experimenting with asking visitors to their sites for permission to send them periodic notifications through their browsers.

Harvard Business Review built a bot on Slack that delivers workplace advice - Digiday — Slack is gaining a foothold in many offices as the center on their communications, leading Harvard Business Review to focus attention on how to get its content inside the app. HBR decided to use Slack's "Slackbot" automated-assistant feature to deliver a collection of 200-plus best-practice articles on topics ranging from how to deal with a narcissistic boss to how to respond when an employee gives notice.

Platform publishing presents challenges to publishers' mobile design - Digiday — Many publishers wring their hands at the loss of control when it comes to publishing on platforms. But while that usually goes back to ad sales and data, there's another big loss: Control over how people perceive a publishing brand.

Apple News is sending publishers traffic, but not revenue - Digiday — Apple News is sending publishers traffic, but not revenue A number of publishers say Apple News is sending them a significant traffic boost in the past month, but it's doing little to help them monetize it. Publishers say traffic has boomed since the mobile news aggregation app was refreshed as part of an iOS 10 update in mid-September.

Publishers are pleasantly surprised by Google AMP traffic - Digiday — If some publishers are cooling on Facebook Instant Articles, they're becoming hot and heavy with Google AMP, the search engine's answer to Instant Articles. In February, Google rolled out AMP, which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, on mobile search results in Google News.

The Washington Post launches its first interactive TV ad - Digiday — The Washington Post launches its first interactive TV ad The Washington Post has started running its first interactive ad on Apple TV. The ad, for Jaguar, consists of a 30-second commercial. The interactive part is that below the commercial are panels that the viewer can click on using their remote to see photo galleries of the inside and outside of Jaguar's F-Pace.

As Facebook turns fickle, publishers focus again on search - Digiday — Don't count out the power of the "What time does the Super Bowl" and other SEO tricks just yet. Whether they're anxious about being at the whim of Facebook's endless algorithm changes, eager to game Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative or just recognize they can't leave a stone unturned when it comes to drilling for traffic, publishers are giving search a new look.
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Oct 25, 2016

Nice to see publishers like FT get more confident about telling people to whitelist  via @rbilton

Oct 25, 2016

Worth noting how The Wirecutter's meticulous review process makes it hard for other publishers to replicate 

Oct 24, 2016

Nice by @MichaelWolffNYC 'Time Warner, steeped in NY & Hollywood Jewishness, awkwardly joins the Texas born-agains' 

Oct 24, 2016

Good time to revisit this take on Verizon's uphill battle with its content plans, in light of AT&T deal 

Oct 21, 2016

'The general sense for publishers is, Snapchat doesn’t really know what it’s doing with Discover' 

Oct 21, 2016

Is the writing on the wall for the 10-person Snapchat teams? 

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