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It's a birthday, not an investment opportunity: Lucy Mangan on why celebrations have become so expensive

Give us this day some trash TV. This Young Pope is way too pious — Oh, but I had such high hopes for The Young Pope, the new drama series that starts next week on Sky Atlantic. The early signs were so promising. News leaked out in bits, each more deliciously risible than the last: Jude Law to play a young pope!

Lucy Mangan on why women are most definitely not ‘asking for it’ when they become victims of crime

Reggie Yates: Life and Death in Chicago review - there’s a war going on — Statistically, it's a war. More than 300 African-Americans shot and killed by police in 2015 - nearly 9% of them in Chicago, the US's third city and the adopted hometown of President Obama. Fifty-four this May, 252 so far this year. Added to that, more than 2,500 black-on-black shootings last year, more than 350 of them fatal.

Lucy Mangan praises the women taking action around the world

Dynasty is being rebooted: here’s how not to ruin it — Throw off your cares and woes! Banish all thoughts of the forthcoming TrumpoBrexalypse and rejoice! The greatest prophylactic against despair you could ever hope for has emerged: the Carringtons and the Colbys are back in town. Yes! Let your hearts swell as majestically as the theme music did during its nine-season pomp - Dynasty is being rebooted.

Urban foxhunting is an idea whose time has come. To Starbucks! Tally ho! — My neighbour is feeding the foxes. We live in town, and he is feeding the foxes. The foxes who have collectively decamped from the countryside (my husband and I recently came back from a three week stint in Norfolk, where we saw nary a one, and counted six of the mangy almost-curs over our first weekend back) because there is so much food lying around our cities that they have no more need to be encouraged or supplied with further sustenance than Nicholas Soames.

Lucy Mangan explains why prostitution is NOT the same as any other career

How we made Modern Family — We were playing around with a lot of ideas for sitcoms but they didn't seem real. So we thought, how about what we talk about between ourselves - our kids and the idiotic things that happen in our households?

Morgana Robinson’s The Agency review - the laugh 2016 has been crying out for — Do you know what I want in this post-Brexit, Trump-elevating, reef-killing, antibiotic-resistant, strife-strewn pile of bollocks we call life? A laugh, that's what. And God (who is dead) be praised, I got one - more than one - last night, from Morgana Robinson's The Agency (BBC2).
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Oct 20, 2016

Just realised it's October 20 - happy publication day @salihughes! Your book is wonderful xxx

Oct 18, 2016

RT @Jemima_Khan: My Trump Groper Halloween costume now on ebay. Money to Syrian refugees because that’s what Donald would want. RT x

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