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Lucy Mangan on the "glass cliff" propelling women to leadership in times of uncertainty — "Finally, we get a chance to do things differently... After any cataclysm, there is a chance to rebuild things and I am currently trying to rebuild my hope and optimism. So here's my hope - that a world with more women in charge of more things will do things differently"

I'm going nowhere — I think I was, as those much neglected philosophers The Ponytails once put it, born too late. A generation ago, I understand, people were happy if they got to load themselves and the kids on to a train bound for Brighton and spend a week washing away their cares and rickets by the freezing sea.

Lucy Mangan shares some positive news stories

The Somme 1916 review - a fresh take on an all-too-familiar story — The USP of The Somme 1916 - From Both Sides of the Wire (BBC2) is that battlefield archaeologist Peter Barton has used both British and German military archives to reconstruct the offensive, the first day of which was the costliest in the history of the British army - 57,470 casualties, nearly 20,000 deaths.

The Out-Laws review - femmes fatales turn the screw in brilliant Belgian noir — It feels like an ironically apt - or possibly aptly ironic, who knows any more - time to be showing a blackly comic Belgian drama on UK television. The 52% who reckon Albion does fine without imports and other foreign muck presumably won't be watching, and the other 48% aren't much in the mood for laughing.

Stranger Things review - a spooky shot of 80s nostalgia straight to your heart — There is not, usually, much to be said for growing up in the early 80s. Food - apart from Ice Magic and Space Dust - was still rubbish. Eyeshadow was neon. Clothes were so bad we knew in our bones that precious little time would be vouchsafed us before we would look back and cringe at our collective misfire.

Mr Robot’s revolutionary tips for Jeremy Corbyn — If you really want to know where we are as a world, rather than a tiny and bamboozled nation, turn away from the news and towards Mr Robot, the award-winning US drama that has just entered its second season. It follows the adventures of Elliot Alderson, an emotionally troubled young computer security engineer turned vigilante hacker.

The Job Interview review: we all need a bit of Lorraine in our lives — I love Lorraine. That's all there is to it. Lorraine Kitchen, head of human resources at Low Cost Vans, a small vehicle leasing company in Neath, south Wales, is my hope and my salvation.

Lucy Mangan: why parents aren't to be trusted — Did you notice anything strange about the reaction to Niall Ferguson's speech at the Altegris conference in California? The speech in which he gave the impression that economist John Maynard Keynes' theories may have been flawed because he was homosexual, childless and therefore not as invested (and, please, do not pardon the pun) in the long-term future of, well, anything, I suppose, except where the next parade or innovative quiche recipe was coming from.

Celebrity First Dates review - how Esther Rantzen restored my faith in humanity — Solace. That's what I'm looking for. Balm for the soul. Some sign that we might one day find ourselves on the other side of the present impenetrable shitstorm and begin to believe in truth, beauty and humanity again. Some people will find this in art, music and literature, or in doing good works.
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Jul 27, 2016

A Very Good Use of Twitter and The Internet - watching and waiting for corpse flower in US Botanic Garden to bloom 

Jul 26, 2016

@finkowska It's not pastiche or homage but reproduction. Pleasing, but not satisfying

Jul 26, 2016

@waytogoredux I know, I know. I am not proud of my feelings

Jul 25, 2016

@jennyeclair They're coming for you, Eclair. Denting viaducts as they go

Jul 25, 2016

@jennyeclair I can send up to 18 cousins to entertain you, though not very well

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