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Lucy Mangan explains why prostitution is NOT the same as any other career

How we made Modern Family — We were playing around with a lot of ideas for sitcoms but they didn't seem real. So we thought, how about what we talk about between ourselves - our kids and the idiotic things that happen in our households?

Morgana Robinson’s The Agency review - the laugh 2016 has been crying out for — Do you know what I want in this post-Brexit, Trump-elevating, reef-killing, antibiotic-resistant, strife-strewn pile of bollocks we call life? A laugh, that's what. And God (who is dead) be praised, I got one - more than one - last night, from Morgana Robinson's The Agency (BBC2).

The affection of a dog is lovely, but the disdain of a cat is better — Cat People, whatever claims they make to be their beloved felines' hapless slaves, mostly just sit and envy them, imagining what it would be like to sleep 23 hours a day, wherever we pleased, bask in the sunshine and crap wherever we liked and live a purely selfish, pleasure-seeking life completely free of responsibility.

“If we want our feminist icons perfect, we could be in for a long wait”

Who’s Afraid of Conceptual Art? review - a daft idea is not art — When it comes to the question "What is art?", I stand firmly in the camp of Jack Donaghy, head of TV and microwave programming in 30 Rock. It is pictures of horses. If you push us, we will accept pictures of ships with sails or men holding up swords while staring off into the distance, but further than that we will not go.

I don't put pictures of my children on Facebook - and you shouldn't either — When I recently found myself trying to explain to some friends of mine why I don't put pictures of my five year old son on social media their reactions ranged from baffled - why not share the happiness and wonder that your little darling brings?

Lucy Mangan: I say, chaps, the queerest thing has happened… — As the Guardian's special (albeit self-appointed) Enid Blyton correspondent, it falls to me to break the latest news. Publisher Hodder Children's Books has announced that the Famous Five adventures are to have their language "subtly" updated so it does not alienate today's children.

The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs review - a flawed and bitter pill to swallow — "Well," says the practice nurse phlegmatically, "I guess the worst-case scenario would be that someone dies." Ah, England, my England. If only all men on missions could be greeted this way. How much time could be saved.

Westworld first-look review - move over Game of Thrones! It's cowboy time — Westworld, a mega-budget remake of the 1973 Michael Crichton film about a futuristic wild-west theme park where people live out their fantasies, and whose AI staff are possibly becoming sentient, poses all sorts of questions about consciousness, humanity and the divine spark.
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Sep 29, 2016

Sadiq Khan is my single fucking beacon of hope in this entire fucking world

Sep 29, 2016

@JNRaeside The @WYPlayhouse is FAR but if Charlotte can make it to Brussels... X

Sep 29, 2016

Wasted @WYPlayhouse transforms the #Brontes into a rock band. Possibly the one concert I would attend. #Brontesrock

Sep 29, 2016

@gilescoren We are as one in this endeavour. You're just better paid x

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