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@wirecutter @imperviousrex @HamiltonBeach Hm, yeah that's not right! Are you using the HB permanent gold filter? if so, you may want to switch to paper. I see several Amazon reviews saying that filter doesn't fit the machine properly and leads to weak coffee.
@mikebarish @WirecutterDeals @thewirecutter No such thing as a dumb question! You can definitely make smaller batches. I tested all of the machines using 1L recipes.
@mikebarish @WirecutterDeals @thewirecutter Yes, still impressed by it! It made great ice cream, we mostly dismissed it because it's usually about $100 more than the 1.5L and not significantly better.
@WirecutterDeals @mikebarish @thewirecutter On the other hand, if you like the idea of a larger capacity, go for it! That 2L model is a great price right now. And it has a pretty compact footprint, but it's 4" taller than the 1.5L
@WirecutterDeals @mikebarish @thewirecutter If you want to buy a machine right now, go for the 2L: it performed about the same in our tests. If you don't mind waiting a bit, the price of the 1.5L might drop! it's the highest it's been in a year right now. See here: https://t.co/5RPA1spik5
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