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In China, a Three-Digit Score Could Dictate Your Place in Society  https://www.Wired.com/story/age-of-social-credit/  The extreme evolution of the #FICO score
RT @ozgunharmanci: We are organizing a session on biological data privacy at Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing on Jan 3-7, 2019, takin… https://t.co/JLDKUGMvyw
Fast, scalable prediction of deleterious #noncoding variants from functional & population genomic data  https://www.Nature.com/articles/ng.3810  LINSIGHT, by @ASiepel et al., combines DNAse & conservation information
@K_G_Andersen @cshperspectives I wish the answer was 42 but perhaps there's a hidden relationship between 42 & 2500 that I don't see. CC @sushant211
Why American medicine still runs on fax machines  https://www.Vox.com/health-care/2017/10/30/16228054/american-medical-system-fax-machines-why  Great article explains how the inability to kill the "cockroach of American medicine" illustrates the incentives or anti-incentives toward data sharing & interoperability HT @DShaywitz
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