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i'm the chief food critic for http://ny.eater.com. i also run http://thepricehike.com. the labor beat is everyone's beat. sutton@eater.com or 1.917.463.6311

Bolivian Llama Party Is an Underground Sensation

ny.eater.com — Still, the modern food hall, whose labyrinthine layout can evoke a Vegas casino (all the better to keep you inside!), can with all its curation and preciousness sometimes feel better suited for those who view food as only an intellectual and creative pursuit, rather than those who view food as fuel to keep their bodies chugging along.

Le Coucou Is the Cavernous, Comfortable French Restaurant NYC Deserves

ny.eater.com — Welcome to one of the city's best new French restaurants, an accolade Le Coucou merits by taking its cues from the traditions of older French restaurants. If you've heard of Le Coucou, which you probably have since it was previewed, photographed, and explicated by all the blogs, all the major food publications, and heck, even by W Magazine, you know it's the celebrated New York arrival of chef Daniel Rose.

Eaters’ Journal 9/10/16: Cava Grill, Bar Six, Paowalla, and More

ny.eater.com — This 25-year-old French bistro was founded in the early 90s when bistros were on the decline in these parts. But it looks much older, with its humongous framed mirrors, red circumferential leather banquettes, and walls that might have been stained yellow by generations of cigarette smoke.

Mission Impossible Burger: Sutton + Solares Sample Momofuku's Bleeding, Meatless Oddity

ny.eater.com — So David Chang, the chef who used to treat vegetarians as second-class citizens, now sells some of the city's most in-demand veggie burgers. Remember, this was the swine-slinging chef/restaurateur who wouldn't let anyone order Brussels sprouts without bacon in the mid-aughts.

New Jersey Will Not Be Hiking Its Minimum Wage to $15

eater.com — New Jersey governor Chris Christie has vetoed a bill that would've hiked the state's minimum wage to $15. The New York Times reports Gov. Christie spoke at a grocery store yesterday to defend the veto, calling the proposed $15 minimum a "really radical increase" that "would trigger an escalation of wages that will make doing business in New Jersey unaffordable."

A Grand Experiment Straight From China at Hao Noodle in Greenwich Village

ny.eater.com — As a corollary, well-capitalized Chinese restaurant chains are seeking to establish a foothold here. The latest is Hao Noodle and Tea, a first American branch of Madam Zhu's Kitchen, founded in 2008, with six locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and other Chinese cities.

An Eater's Guide to New York City

ny.eater.com — Table Of Contents (all h2's added automatically) With over eight million people spread out across 150+ neighborhoods, New York City is a true melting pot. In addition to mom-and-pop spots serving foods from all around the world, you can find fine dining restaurants from local and international superstars, ancient chop houses, America's most influential pizzerias, legendary delicatessens, and outstanding new school barbecue parlors.

Greenpoint Stunner Sauvage Is the Surprise of the Summer

ny.eater.com — Sauvage ("wild" in French), the second restaurant from the team of Joshua Boissy and Krystof Zizka, with Lisa Giffen once again serving as chef, set down on the Greenpoint frontier a few months ago. Though sporting a formidable French wine list, it focused more on food than drink.

Olmsted Is the Neighborhood Restaurant We've All Been Dreaming Of

ny.eater.com — Walk through the restaurant and you'll find yourself in a true backyard. Six outdoor benches are arranged in a large U shape around the perimeter, the type of seating plan that tasting menu spots construct around an open kitchen. ("The cooks are the entertainment!") Here, the benches are situated in a tiny urban farm.

Emily and Emmy Squared Are Two of NYC's Most Exciting Pizzerias

ny.eater.com — "Forty-five minutes to an hour," the host tells me around 7 p.m. on a Saturday night at Emmy Squared. Around 8 p.m. she's quoting two hours (during weeknights the wait is often under 30 minutes). There's your proof that New Yorkers aren't pizza isolationists. And there's your motivation to speed things up with takeout.
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guy #1: "meet [redacted], she's doing an MFA in international studies." guy #2: "oh, i was born in amsterdam." ace hotel, 28 sept, 2016

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@asteriskerin @hillarydixler btw riding a fixie on sf's hills is like trying to run a 100m dash on newly polished floors with silk socks

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@hillarydixler @overoverunder he's delivering on the type of bike you could win a serious track race with (with slightly better wheels)!

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