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Chief Critic and Data Lead — Eater

i'm the chief food critic for http://ny.eater.com. i also run http://thepricehike.com. the labor beat is everyone's beat. sutton@eater.com or 1.917.463.6311

Le Bernardin Is New York’s Best Restaurant, Zagat Declares Again

San Francisco's Michelin Stars 2017

Six Bay Area Restaurants Now Have Three Michelin Stars, As Many As New York

The Crushing Disappointment of L’Arpège

eater.com — The camera's eye on the restaurant is meant to provide a revelation: We have spent our entire lives as deluded diners, mistakenly believing that beets and celery are supporting actors rather than culinary leads. But, as one of the talking heads in the episode proclaims, once you try one of L'Arpège's exquisite vegetable dishes, "you can never see cuisine in the same way."

Clown Bar Is the Most Thrilling Restaurant in Paris

eater.com — There's a certain unspoken rule to serving brains: Do whatever you can to make them look like something else. Chop them up into meaty stews and porridges; slip them into ravioli filling; cloak them in layers of cream.

Restaurant Review: Oaxaca Finally Comes to Brooklyn at La Loba Cantina…Well, Almost

ny.eater.com — Thus it was exciting to learn that a new Oaxacan spot had opened in January on Church Avenue in Kensington. Once a pizzeria, La Loba Cantina boasts two high-ceilinged rooms outfitted with small pedestal cerveza tables; tiled flooring in random patterns; a shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe; paintings of blushing, bare-shouldered señioritas; a Spanish guitar begging to be strummed; with cacti and other xerophytic foliage in profusion.

Michelin Declines to Award Top Honors to Any D.C. Restaurant in Debut Guide

dc.eater.com — The capital of the United States has some great restaurants, but it's not yet one of our country's top culinary capitals; that's effectively what Michelin's famously anonymous inspectors concluded today when they declined to award the top honor of three stars to any restaurant in its inaugural Washington D.C. guide.

Discount Japanese Chain Mi-Ne Sushi Totoya Maki-Rolls Into the Village

ny.eater.com — The company originated in 1971 in Kumamoto, a medium-size city on Kyushu, southernmost of Japan's principal islands. Seaside Kumamoto enjoys a semi-tropical climate, not to mention being the home of a famous oyster. Four branches in Kumamoto and nine in Hong Kong preceded our New York location, which lies in Greenwich Village at Sixth Avenue and 13th Street.

Review: At Guantanamera, Every Night is a Party

ny.eater.com — When you order a mojito at Guantanamera, the bartender does not scowl at you. She deftly muddles the classic trio -€" lime quarters, mint, and sugar -€" adds rum, shakes it all over ice, tops it with soda water, and delivers you a boozy highball in 60 seconds flat, about a quarter of the time that it usually takes to get a martini in this town.

Bolivian Llama Party Is an Underground Sensation

ny.eater.com — Still, the modern food hall, whose labyrinthine layout can evoke a Vegas casino (all the better to keep you inside!), can with all its curation and preciousness sometimes feel better suited for those who view food as only an intellectual and creative pursuit, rather than those who view food as fuel to keep their bodies chugging along.
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Oct 27, 2016

@ohheygreat (though i think we've all used excuse me here and there as a last resort in venues where eye contact is hard to come by)

Oct 27, 2016

@ohheygreat lolz not a rube and i wouldn't call myself an expert either! that said, i'm usually fan of nothing more than eye contact!

Oct 26, 2016

@shitfoodblogger !!! I approve !!! Never been but I hear it's grand. New York location of course crashed and burned fast.

Oct 26, 2016

listening to out of towners say "excuse me" to hail wait staff :-/

Oct 26, 2016

spent in afternoon in san jose a few years ago.....pretty sure i need to go back now!  http://www.eater.com/a/mofad-city-guides/san-jose  (h/t @soniachopra)

Oct 26, 2016

just watched a lady let her dog take a nice hot dump INSIDE the time warner center mall. right by the thomas pink store fwiw

Oct 26, 2016

RT @WAPratt: CLEVELAND: We want a championship. DEVIL: ok, but you'll have to host the Republicans. CLE: ...Fine. DEVIL: Trump's the guy. CLE: We want 2.

Oct 26, 2016

@JamieStelter still getting used to the ignominy of arthritis; this is officially my third winter dealing; need to up my dose of LA

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