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NBA Radio Host and Senior Writer — Bleacher Report

B/R (SiriusXM83) & NBA (207/86) radio host, B/R senior writer & host of The Ric Bucher Show. IG: @Ric_Bucher Business inquiries contact: DSpander@teamwass.com

Hall of Fame Journey Testament to Unique Bridge Yao Ming Built Between Cultures

bleacherreport.com — Yao Ming is about to become the first and only player from the People's Republic of China to be inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. He might just be the unlikeliest inductee the Hall has ever welcomed as well.

Playing Time Squabbles and Roster Politics-Views from the USA Bench

bleacherreport.com — The thrill is always the same when you get the call. You have been selected to be a member of the men's Olympic basketball team of the United States. You have been chosen to follow in the footsteps of the Dream Team, widely considered the greatest basketball team ever assembled.

Burden Is on Kevin Durant to Make Marriage with Warriors Reach Its Potential

bleacherreport.com — Now that the Golden State Warriors have lured Kevin Durant away from the Oklahoma City Thunder, the next piece of business is to figure out exactly what he makes them. "Strength in Numbers," last year's thematic description, no longer applies, or at least not as it did.

Warriors' NBA Finals Flameout Turns 73 Wins into Bitter What-If Question

bleacherreport.com — One way or another, winning an unprecedented 73 games was going to define this season for the Golden State Warriors . Either it would be the brightest jewel in their championship crown or it would be an all-too-expensive energy-sucking bauble.

ESPN The Magazine: The Whistle

espn.go.com — The guilty pleasure of second-guessing refs is no longer mine. Courtesy of the NBA's newest subsidiary, I have worn a blue-piping, double-pinstripe gray shirt and blown a Fox 40 whistle. I have taken true/false tests, studied film, memorized and debated minutiae in the rule book.

Title-Contending Warriors of Today a Reflection of Past Teammates and Coaches

bleacherreport.com — They tower over everyone in the hallway leading to the Golden State Warriors' practice floor. Rick Barry. Sleepy Floyd. Purvis Short. Larry Smith. Wilt Chamberlain. Tim Hardaway. Manute Bol. Mitch Richmond. Chris Mullin. Nate Thurmond. Don Nelson. Baron Davis. Antawn Jamison. Jason Richardson.

Trust Forged in Past Battles Leads Warriors into Finals, and Maybe Past LeBron

bleacherreport.com — OAKLAND - In the end, it wasn't about one team's stars being better. Or its coach being smarter. Or its bench being deeper. Or even its home-court advantage being greater. Add up all the respective strengths and weaknesses of the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder's physical components and it remains debatable who has the more robust plus column.

Ric Bucher Picks His All-NBA Playoff Team

bleacherreport.com — With the NBA Finals just around the corner, there is still a good deal of postseason basketball left to play. The top teams with the top players in the league have reached this point and continue to contend for a chance at a championship.

Left by Teammates, Overlooked by Fans, Damian Lillard Finds Anger Is an Energy

bleacherreport.com — It's the kind of question that normally takes a moment to consider: When was the first time someone underestimated you? But the answer comes quickly for Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard. "I was eight years old," he said without hesitation, as if it had happened yesterday. "It wasn't basketball.

The One & Lonely

espn.go.com — The alpha-dog tussle begins here, outside the locker room, as the Lakers huddle before taking the floor against the Bucks. Shaq leads them into a bouncing frenzy, bodies ricocheting off each other, turning the circle into a mosh pit. Kobe stands back, enjoying the show he sees before each game, a spectator rather than a participant.
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Oct 22, 2016

Opening ceremony of the Titans at Mavericks Big Wave surfing contest. My son, Mat, 12, paddled…  https://www.instagram.com/p/BL33K2xD7mf/ 

Oct 22, 2016

RT @Stephen__Nelson: Who will be the breakout stars this season? The @BR_NBA panel @HowardBeck, @KevinDing & @RicBucher make their picks…

Oct 20, 2016

RT @MariManoog: Thank you @RicBucher for chatting with @GWsportsprof's class (& for answering my question about @bycycle)! Love yours & @bj

Oct 20, 2016

Wholly inspiring. To have a deaf man who went through years of speech therapy delivering a sensational TED talk is profound in itself. https://t.co/GFn7hkXXaI

Oct 20, 2016

RT @inallairness: That time Joey Crawford ejected Scottie Pippen and told him to take a seat. I guess Pip took it literally. https://t.co/iyN71JZ4JU

Oct 19, 2016

RT @bycycle: .@BJArmstrong explains why he's still salty about Space Jam and He Got Game. More on the podcast with @RicBucher:…

Oct 17, 2016

RT @blueandgold81: On the other hand @nicolezaloumis beauty was worth tuning in to early AM football talk. But her and @RicBucher on @br_radio are hilarious.

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