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@kimmurphy @NYTNational @marclacey @latimes Here I am, right on top of the story as usual...Sorry as hell to belatedly find out you're leaving. To me, you were the glue holding things together, insightful in suggesting stories, and the key to getting the bean counters to believe my invoices weren't fiction. Best of luck.
@Art_Thiel at $200 a month starting at the end of April, with any interest required.. If you can help, great. and if not, no problem: In admiration, I will continue to steal your stuff. "I only steal from the best," as you said recently and I say now. Thanks for listening, RA
@Art_Thiel expected until Mid-Feb.. Meanwhile, there is chaos at the bank. So I was just wondering if you had some money you wanted to get rid of. (Pause while I chew my pride and then swallow it). I'm seeking $500 to $1000 to get me over the hump, and would begin to pay it back
@Art_Thiel , things were turning around. My main income source, LAT, which paid weekly, made all the difference. But they recently changed to a new invoicing system and ran into production glitches. I am about a third of the way through the month without a check, which isn't
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