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Dyn DNS DDoS likely the work of script kiddies, says FlashPoint — Business risk intelligence firm FlashPoint has put out a preliminary analysis of last week's massive denial of service attack against Dyn DNS, and its conclusion is it was likely the work of amateur hackers - rather than, as some had posited, state-sponsored actors perhaps funded by the Russian government.

Verse banks $8.3M Series A to accelerate its p2p payments play in Europe — Another player in the packed p2p payments space is announcing an $8.3 million Series A funding round today. SF and Barcelona based Verse is gunning to be the Venmo of Europe - given Venmo hasn't yet shown an inclination to expand its mobile social payments app outside the US.

Xiaomi beefs up its mobile virtual reality push with Mi VR — Xiaomi has added another mobile VR headset to its portfolio: announcing the Mi VR today - which it says is its first virtual reality headset with an inertial motion controller. The company's debut VR device, the Mi VR Play, was revealed this summer - an entry level mobile VR headset designed to house a smartphone, a la Samsung's Gear VR, but with limited availability to beta testers only.

Xiaomi unveils concept phone with near bezel-less display — Chinese device maker Xiaomi has announced another clutch of mobile hardware, including a concept smartphone developed in collaboration with designer Philippe Starck. Xiaomi CEO and founder Lei Jun dubbed it "a glimpse at what the phone of the future looks like".

Zelle p2p payments push to compete with Venmo now has 19 US FI backers — The US finance industry is slowly getting its ducks in order to try to compete with the likes of PayPal-owned social payments platform Venmo. Today bank network operator Early Warning announced it has 19 US financial institutions signed up to a forthcoming payments network called Zelle, due to launch in early 2017.

Samsung is hoping to rekindle Note brand name next year — Samsung is stepping up its brand damage limitation efforts in the wake of the flaming battery disaster of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone by offering owners of the recalled device in South Korea the ability to upgrade to a Galaxy S8 or Note 8 device next year if they trade in their Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 now.

Microsoft to hike UK enterprise prices after Brexit pounds sterling — UK businesses that buy enterprise software or cloud services from Microsoft are facing a price hike from January 1. On Friday Microsoft quietly released the news of changes to pricing for volume licensing products via its UK TechNet blog for IT professionals - saying it was revising pricing in pound sterling to "ensure there is reasonable alignment across the region".

UK spy agency GCHQ paid NZ firm Endace to power Internet fiber-optic taps — The 2013 Snowden documents revealed UK intelligence agency GCHQ to be tapping into the undersea cables that carry Internet traffic, covertly gathering vast amounts of digital comms data under a surveillance program code-named Tempora - apparently with the help of commercial partners.

UK’s new cyber security centre to debunk scare tactics and lead by example — The UK government has had enough of clichéd cyber dementor imagery, scary-sounding industry rhetoric and impossible security advice that the average consumer has no hope of following.

Social payments app Circle adds two more European markets — Circle has lit up two more European markets as it works to rapidly build out its presence in the region. Users of the p2p payments app in Spain and Ireland can now connect any Spanish or Irish bank account to the app to send and receive money within their own countries and across borders (with native Euro support in those markets).
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Oct 26, 2016

RT @Laurie_Garrett: Oz's #GreatBarrierReef & #climatechange : “The mortality is devastating really. It’s a lot higher thn we had hoped.” ht…

Oct 26, 2016

@jandawson The marketing does say "every person", and Nadella was talking about democratizing future techs, so perhaps some valid critique

Oct 26, 2016

Imagine Balmer quoting Rilke... .... .... [[keep imagining]] ... ...

Oct 26, 2016

@mpencharz Compare & contrast the emotional state of the British public the morning after the Brexit referendum & post-Charles I's execution

Oct 26, 2016

@mpencharz Well, talk of sovereignty of parl being undermined by unelected, unaccountable EU does have shades of absolutist monarch argument

Oct 26, 2016

Twitter, remind me again which sci-fi book it is has the Internet-connected door that won't open until you tip it...

Oct 26, 2016

I wonder how many theses will be written trying to connect Brexit to English civil war radicalism

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