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Felt obligated to protect users ... late on a Friday night after the news cycle has ended. 
RT @rebeccaballhaus: In 2011, Peter Navarro needed $ to fund a film about China. He asked steel company Nucor to rout the $ in a secretive…
What VCs paid for Zscaler (trading at $32; IPO at $16) --@lightspeedvp (@ravi_lsvp) $5.15 --TPG Growth (Nehal Raj) $8.97 --@capitalgtweets $8.97 [Story here is founder @JayZscaler self-funded first two rounds. Institutions came later, got small ownership]
@NickTimiraos @adamdavidson @MatthewPhillips @JedKolko @ernietedeschi @LinkedInEcon @Birdyword @davidautor Question: how should we refer to Jerome Powell? He's a former investment banker with a JD. He now practices economics. I don't think you'd properly call him an "economist" since that's not his background?
@NickTimiraos @adamdavidson @MatthewPhillips @JedKolko @ernietedeschi @LinkedInEcon @Birdyword @davidautor Can people agree it's more accurate to describe Larry Kudlow in stories as a TV star, not an economist? At same time, is it bad for public policy to insist that you can't be an economist unless you master concepts like heteroskedasticity?
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