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Jose Fernandez's Joy, Passion Lasting Memories on Tragic Day — When Jose Fernandez pitched, anything was possible. He was young, vibrant, dominant and passionate. This was a past Rookie of the Year winner, surely a future Cy Young winner, a foundation piece of the Miami Marlins organization and a face of the game's next generation. That he died overnight Saturday is stunningly tragic.

Scott Miller's Starting 9: Kaepernick Has Black Players Examining Place in MLB — 1. Sweet Land of Liberty When the sniper started shooting at the Dallas police on that tragic day in July, Torii Hunter was at his home just outside the city, glued to the television, watching the nearby horror in a state of shock.

Scott Miller's Starting 9: Room Service Pennant Race Awaits Red Sox in AL East — Just a Labor Day reminder that the return of football is far more of a downer than the annual exuberance baseball brings for this simple reason: The start of football means back to school (ugh). Baseball means summer is here (humbabe!).

Near-Fatal Swing Haunts Brian McCann but Made Accidental Victim an Inspiration — PEARL, Miss. - Hang tight, because this is a happy story. Really. You wouldn't think so, not when someone loses an eye. Not when the pool of blood on the ground looks like something out of CSI: New York.

Tim Tebow Takes His Baseball Public in USC Showcase: Have Bat Will Travel — LOS ANGELES - Where this Tim Tebow Fantasy Camp ends is not in the major leagues. That's where you can be reasonably certain it ends. Not in Yankee Stadium, or Fenway Park, or heck, whatever they're calling the ballpark in Oakland these days.

Scott Miller's Starting 9: Of Hot Red Sox, Cologne, Clubhouse Fights, Dog Days — Ah, the dog days of August. Woof... 1. Sweltering Days in the AL East One last summer ice cream break, anyone, before the stretch run cranks up to an inferno? Look out, while Baltimore (4-6 in its last 10 games into Tuesday) apparently is tempted by the Blue Moon and Cherry Vanilla double-scoop cones, Boston is gearing up for last licks.

James Harrison will meet with NFL on Thursday at 11 a.m., Harrison's agent Bill Parise confirms. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette first reported. Harrison had originally proposed Aug. 30. Moves up five days. — On Aug. 21, undefeated rivals Shelly Vincent and Heather Hardy entered the ring for a 10-round title bout in Coney Island. But beyond a belt, both fighters wanted to show that women's boxing could be prime-time entertainment.

Rougned Odor: The Fighting Roots of a Venezuelan Cowboy — Flashpoints arrive frequently and violently as young Texas second baseman Rougned Odor spars his way through the early stages of a career that teammate Elvis Andrus swears will lead him one day straight into the Hall of Fame. Baseball or boxing Hall of Fame, Andrus doesn't specify.

Tim Tebow Once Hidden from MLB Draft Suitors: "Probably, It Was Urban Meyer" — The man who drafted Mike Trout had his sights set on Tim Tebow, too. True story. Tebow, who says he will conduct a workout for all 30 MLB clubs later this month, was a year removed from becoming the first sophomore in history to win the Heisman Trophy while playing quarterback at the University of Florida.

Alex Rodriguez, Yankee Tripper, Took More from Baseball Than He Ever Gave — What should be a "proud" day, as Alex Rodriguez said, isn't. What should be a celebratory time, well, the balloons are flat. Few men leave this game dragging a legacy as complicated as A-Rod and, in the end, one enormous foundation piece of his legacy is this: He took far more from the game of baseball than he ever gave.
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Sep 25, 2016

Of course Dodgers going extra innings. Clearly, in Vin Scully's final Dodger Stadium broadcast, baseball gods want him to keep going

Sep 25, 2016

RT @MLBNetworkRadio: At the conclusion of #Dodgers - #Rockies hear a portion of MLB Network Radio Remembers: Jose Fernandez.

Sep 25, 2016

RT @jillpainter: Watch @Adrian_ElTitan tip his cap to Vin Scully. What a lovely way @Dodgers are honoring Vin Scully last game in LA. @MLB

Sep 25, 2016

One by one, as they come to bat, each #Dodgers player is waving to Scully in broadcast booth as they approach plate. Puig tips helmet

Sep 25, 2016

As Scully broadcasts final game from Dodger Stadium, do yourself a favor & read this great piece from @jaysonst 

Sep 25, 2016

I'm just sort of assuming #Dodgers will clinch NL West title today b/c why wouldn't they during Vin Scully's final home broadcast??

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