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Entrepreneurs’ questions for the next presidential debate — To say that the first presidential debate was fascinating would be to give fascinating a bad name. It was that, along with combative, engaging, interesting and at times surreal. That said, it also did its job; the debate definitely gave us a better glimpse into the psyches, demeanors, beliefs, abilities, and policies of the two candidates, and that really is what you want from a debate.

Ransomware Advice: Pros and cons of paying the ransom - from Carbonite — Let's say that you go into the office one day, turn on your computer and up pops a warning informing you that your computer has been locked and hijacked by ransomware. It goes on to say that all of your data has been encrypted, and unless you pay a hefty ransom within three days, it will all be deleted.

Infographic: How To Focus At Work In The Age Of Distractions — Distractions are everywhere in our fast-paced, digital world. If you have just checked your social media accounts for the 15th time today - even though your "to-do" list is nowhere near complete - you should try the following tips to keep yourself focused and distraction free. Source: OnStride Financial

The Secret Ingredient of a Great Business Proposal — For some entrepreneurs, proposals are the bread and butter of their business. They know that a great proposal makes for a great first impression. Other small business people create proposals only occasionally. Whatever the case, one thing that is equally true is that good proposals have a few things in common, as do bad proposals.

Blog: The Beauty of Business Incubators — In recent blogs, I looked at various ways to overcome business challenges - from getting the help you need to having the right frame of mind. One thing we haven't looked at yet is what to do if you are new to business and find the whole thing a bit overwhelming, expensive, confusing, etc.

Turning a No Into a Yes

Backup: The key to protecting data from ransomware and other disasters - from Carbonite — Author Gideon Hodge loves his home, loves his life, and really loves the book he has been writing. In fact, he loves the book so much that he recently risked his life to save it. A New Orleans based writer, Hodge has been working diligently on the first book of a planned seven-book series in the fantasy/magic genre.

You'll like these Facebook biz tips — Q: I am wondering if you can share what it takes to work Facebook these days. The page I created many years ago has grown stale and I don't post much, though I know that I should.

Blog: The Often Overlooked Way To Get Free Help For Your Business — I want to suggest that there might be a source of help around the corner that you may have overlooked: Your local chamber of commerce. Chambers of commerce can be one of the best friends your business can have. Think about it: What is one of the main problems you encounter as a self-employed businessperson?

Meld the digital and physical when it comes to branding — Q: Hey, Steve - I have started three businesses and one big difference between the two good ones and one bad one had to do with visibility and branding. I have to admit that my bad business really did not stick out from the crowd but the good ones do.
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Oct 01, 2016

Entrepreneurs have questions for the next presidential debate - What would you ask??  via @USATODAYmoney

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