Freelance writer, focused on the entertainment industry. A lifelong fan of superhero comics and films, with a love of in-depth analysis!

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A prolific writer on sites like Movie Pilot and the Inquisitor, Tom tends to focus in on the entertainment sector. In addition to writing about films and TV shows, Tom has a keen interest in both British and American politics.

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RT @stellacreasy: Feel sick hearing PM claiming Britain should be proud of our record on refugees knowing how many children still sleeping…
RT @karinsmyth: Apprenticeships supposed to be a flagship programme - shocking complacency from the PM on impact #Carillion collaps…
@estwebber Translation: He hopes the Lords will be as feeble as the Commons.
@gridnash Point taken :) But the question is, what *is* my country? Ultimately, imo a country is defined by its actions and deeds, not by its traditions.
@gridnash I'd argue that there are lines we shouldn't cross - and Saudi Arabia is one of them :)
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What was your first job as a journalist?

I've been writing online as a blogger for quite some time, and actually acted as Head Writer for ComicsVerse for a while; I drove an initiative that really increased the amount of content on the site, and improved the quality of our reviews in particular. It was through ComicsVerse that I learned of Moviepilot, and went through their old Academy system. When Moviepilot offered the opportunity to become one of their Verified Creators, and be paid for my work, I jumped at the chance. Ultimately, to my surprise, that became the start of a career - I'm now a freelance writer by profession!

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Many, many years ago - when I was only a child. Back in the '80s and '90s, my mum worked as a secretary, and was a trained typist (she also learned shorthand). She was very proud of her typing speed, and very irritated when we got a computer and I soon became a quicker typer than her!

How is social media changing news?

The speed at which knowledge is communicated has become absolutely fascinating. It poses real challenges to journalists, as the temptation is there to strive to become the first to break the story. The risk, then, is that you don't do your fact-checking - or that you miss a more original, more creative angle, that would actually differentiate you from your competition. Meanwhile, social media also gives you the opportunity to become one with your audience - to earn their respect by interacting with them directly. As part of this, for example, I never share my articles into a group until I've first built a strong reputation for being a part of that group; I consider it basic manners on social media.