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Is anyone even surprised by this anymore? I'm not even mad. I expect it. It's like we're all living in the Truman Show. 
This is one of the very few times I can say the hype surrounding a film was understated. Ryan Coogler gave a Master Class on the Alchemy of substance, style, and action. #BlackPantherMovie #BlackPantherSoLit
@ILive4nCauseofU @Pepsi_Princess_ @MarkDice @CNN I'm so sorry that young lady had to be subjected to that. What a heartless waste of flesh this dude is. It's one thing to troll adults but youths who've just encountered something so horrific? He should take a permanent vow of silence. Smdh
The same President who campaigned on punching protesters in the face and he'd pay for it just told America to answer hate with love. Where was that love when you spoke of how we "used to handle protesters" in those days when "America was great?" @realdonaldtrump sigh
@Pepsi_Princess_ @MarkDice @CNN Did he really tweet that? I can't find it. Must've deleted it if that's real. If that IS real, he's a reprehensible human being. Never heard of him before today, and if that's the case, I'm glad I hadn't. sigh
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