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Dan Tynan

San Francisco (sort of)
Editorial Consultant and Strategist — Freelance
Covers:  satire, security, iphone apps, politics, gadgets, privacy, education, family, internet, technology, facebook, social media, twitter
Doesn't Cover: feminine hygiene products, yankees, gluten, the large hadron collider

Award-winning writer, editor & content strategerizer. Former EiC at Yahoo Tech; now writing for The Guardian, Family Circle, & anyone else who pays in actual $$

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Dan Tynan has been writing about technology since Mark Zuckerberg was in nappies. He has published literally thousands of stories, most of which neither he nor anyone else can remember. Thank God for Google.

He currently writes and consults for a wide range of publications and private companies, ...

What was your first job as a journalist?

You mean one that paid in actual currency, not just coffee and snacks? That would be copyeditor at Infoworld, back in the previous century.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yes, I am that friggin' old. Hell, I used a *manual* typewriter. Smith Corona. I still remember how Wite-Out smells (and get a little woozy).

How is social media changing news?

It's much faster & far less accurate. Also much more temporary. News cycles approaching near zero. And if it can't fit inside a tweet, well..

National Magazine Award

1999 - Single Topic Series, Best Single Issue
OK, I didn't win. But I was a finalist twice -- once for a series on Internet Privacy that ran in PC World in 1998 (I was special issue editor), one for the September 2002 issue of Popular Science (I wrote one of the features for that one, which was nominated for best single issue). Does that count? The good news: I got to sit right behind Martha Stewart at the 1999 awards ceremony. She never turned around.

Jesse H. Neal Editorial Achievement Award

1995 - Business journalism
I have won all or part of 8 Neal Awards, in a range of categories -- including two Grand Neals for best overall entry -- mostly for PC World. The ones I remember are an investigative story into how the top 5 computer vendors make and support computers (1995 - Grand Neal), a 1996 investigative story into a ring of criminals who were scavenging computers for RAM (then a very costly commodity) and selling it, a 1999 special issue on Internet Privacy that I oversaw (that won a Grand Neal and was also a finalist for a National Magazine Award), and a 2000 series of articles about the Internet. There may have been one or two others. I also shared a Neal Award for best front of book section for Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, back in 2003, I believe.