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Author & Journalist. Latest book: amazon.co.uk/Torture-Interr Event bookings at info@1stwitness.com

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Spare me from idiots who can't seem to understand human rights are for everyone regardless of nationality, skin colour or faith. A #Syrian woman raped in the #Assad regime's prisons deserves as much help, support & protection as the Yazidi women who suffered at hands of #Daesh.
@abdiragemohamed @Partisangirl @Alyssa_Milano @Noor_and_Alaa I couldn't give a flying fig what you think about me. i care about the women I've interviewed here:  https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20180312-assads-rape-victims-break-their-silence/  and if you are incapable of an ounce of feeling for them then you're not worthy of my time.
@abdiragemohamed Not at all. You are a provocative little worm and I've given far too much attention to you already. You clearly have issues with women, are incapable of empathy & to even cast doubt on what those women told me about their rape experiences speaks volumes about you. Now jog on..
@abdiragemohamed @Partisangirl @Alyssa_Milano @Noor_and_Alaa Do you have some deep seated problem with women? Are you incapable of feeling any concern for the women I interviewed? Does your feelings extend to all humans or just one specific group? if anyone is alarmed it's me about you & how selective you are towards human rights.
@abdiragemohamed @Partisangirl @Alyssa_Milano @Noor_and_Alaa Again you ignore women I've spoken to. I've been visiting Syria since 1992, have contacts on the ground. I condemn ISIS & actions but Assad is supposed to be a president & yet he's overseeing on an industrial scale abuse of women. Why have you no empathy for these women?
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