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Paparazzi Scramble For the First Brangelina Baby Photo -- Brad Pitt and Ange

nymag.com — Sometime in the coming weeks, perhaps as soon as the first week of May, somewhere in the world-probably Paris, but possibly Los Angeles, or maybe even Addis Ababa-Angelina Jolie will bequeath unto the celebrity weeklies a gift so magnificent that, until recently, few imagined such a thing was possible.

Only in America | New Republic

newrepublic.com — Indeed, King is more than Bush's promoter; he's the president's highest-profile African American surrogate in the 2004 campaign. Earlier this year, King-along with Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ed Gillespie and a handful of black Republican elected officials-headlined the RNC's African American Economic Empowerment Tour, which courted black voters in Cleveland, Detroit, Miami, New York, and Philadelphia.

Joe Scarborough Has Big Dreams (Including 'Trump: The Musical')

gq.com — At the center of America's schizoid political-fame complex, there sits Joe Scarborough, a congressman turned TV star who somehow built the most influential show in Washington despite never wanting to be a mere morning-show host.

Matt Lauer Going Soft Will Now Make the Debates Harder for Trump

gq.com — If Trump can barely squeak by Lauer's softball questions, he is going to have a real tough time during the actual debates. The Clinton campaign-not to mention every sentient human being whose last name isn't Trump or who doesn't draw a paycheck from someone with that last name-is angry at Matt Lauer for his handling of last night's primetime "commander-in-chief" presidential forum.

Donald Trump Is Rocking Out Too Hard To Soften on Immigration

gq.com — The roar of a crowd buoyed by xenophobic rhetoric is a hell of a drug. Even by the standards of Donald Trump, his final day of August on the campaign trail was a wild, whiplash-inducing ride. In the afternoon, Trump appeared in Mexico City.

Donald Trump Can’t Even Pander to White Voters The Right Way

gq.com — Hey man, your dogwhistle is busted. For a guy running for president as an unrepentant white nationalist, Donald Trump sure does seem fixated suddenly on winning over minority voters.

What's Wrong With Donald Trump?

gq.com — Three theories as to why Trump's gone so off the rails lately Clearly, his battle plan isn't working. So what gives? Herewith, a few theories. He's mentally ill. That's what Michael Moore argues in this open letter to Ivanka Trump, begging her to conduct an "intervention" for her father.

Dammit, Donald Trump is Already Laying the Groundwork for a Recall

gq.com — You didn't think he'd go quietly, did you? On January 20, 1981, just moments after he was sworn in as our 40th president, Ronald Reagan stood on the Capitol's western front and offered a paean to the "orderly transfer of authority" that, for more than two centuries, has been a hallmark of the American democratic system.

Hillary Clinton's DNC had something for everyone - except working-class whites

gq.com — The DNC offered something for just about every American-except the blue-collar whites flocking to Trump If Lena Dunham and America Ferrera didn't do the trick, then maybe the Broadway stars singing "What the World Needs Now Is Love" would. And if that didn't work, then surely Michael Bloomberg would seal the deal.

Bill Clinton's DNC Speech Reminded Us Of One Very Important Thing

gq.com — That the man can still own a crowd-and in doing so, be the weapon Hillary's campaign needs To be Bill Clinton, in the summer of 2016-and on the eve of his 70th birthday-is to be constantly disappointing people.
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Sep 28, 2016

Made a pilgrimage to the court that's been home to so many hoops giants: Alcindor, Walton, Larry Drew II https://t.co/3Aa7nBS7Vc

Sep 28, 2016

@jfagone @stephenrodrick would be happy to, although, full disclosure, my stories (written and verbal) are nowhere near as good as Steve's

Sep 28, 2016

@jfagone that and "I am an appreciator of handbell choirs." Just listened to your pod w @stephenrodrick. Coulda been an hr longer!

Sep 27, 2016

I just set a record for an interminable cab ride from LGA to midtown. 5 Del Frisco's ads! (And counting.)

Sep 26, 2016

Clinton's deadpan while Trump prattles on is kind of amazing.

Sep 26, 2016

RT @costareports: Do voters see Trump as a successful/brash outsider? Or do they see him as unready/scattered? That's what I'm wondering. That's what matters.

Sep 26, 2016

Hillary is just such a better debater than Jeb or Rubio or Cruz or anyone else Trump has faced.

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