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The Vetting Search for Mitt Romney's Vice President - GQ July 2012

gq.com — For months, Mitt Romney's most trusted dirt-diggers have been scouring the secret histories of several Republicans-including punchy Chris Christie, sexy Marco Rubio, snoozy Rob Portman-as they jockey to be his running mate. It's veep-vetting season, and it's the most invasive process in politics. Just how squeamish does it get?

Why Republicans Can’t Quit Trump (No Matter How Hard They Try)

gq.com — GOP politicians who jumped off the Trump train are actually hopping back on For Republicans disgusted by the notion that Donald Trump is the face of their party, here's the good news: The true soul of the GOP these days is embodied by another guy. The bad news is that it's not Paul Ryan.

Talking About Guns with the Democrat Who Can Assemble an AR-15 Blindfolded

gq.com — If Democrats went into a lab and created a dream politician to take on Republicans in a purplish-bordering-on-red state, it's doubtful they could come up with anyone better than Missouri Senate candidate Jason Kander.

Biden on Obama: ‘It’s Like Older Brother, Younger Brother’

nymag.com — Vice-President Joe Biden: Where the hell are you? Jason Zengerle: I'm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. That's a nice spot. I was just down there. So what can I do for you?

Paparazzi Scramble For the First Brangelina Baby Photo -- Brad Pitt and Ange

nymag.com — Sometime in the coming weeks, perhaps as soon as the first week of May, somewhere in the world-probably Paris, but possibly Los Angeles, or maybe even Addis Ababa-Angelina Jolie will bequeath unto the celebrity weeklies a gift so magnificent that, until recently, few imagined such a thing was possible.

Only in America | New Republic

newrepublic.com — Indeed, King is more than Bush's promoter; he's the president's highest-profile African American surrogate in the 2004 campaign. Earlier this year, King-along with Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ed Gillespie and a handful of black Republican elected officials-headlined the RNC's African American Economic Empowerment Tour, which courted black voters in Cleveland, Detroit, Miami, New York, and Philadelphia.

Joe Scarborough Has Big Dreams (Including 'Trump: The Musical')

gq.com — At the center of America's schizoid political-fame complex, there sits Joe Scarborough, a congressman turned TV star who somehow built the most influential show in Washington despite never wanting to be a mere morning-show host.

Matt Lauer Going Soft Will Now Make the Debates Harder for Trump

gq.com — If Trump can barely squeak by Lauer's softball questions, he is going to have a real tough time during the actual debates. The Clinton campaign-not to mention every sentient human being whose last name isn't Trump or who doesn't draw a paycheck from someone with that last name-is angry at Matt Lauer for his handling of last night's primetime "commander-in-chief" presidential forum.

Donald Trump Is Rocking Out Too Hard To Soften on Immigration

gq.com — The roar of a crowd buoyed by xenophobic rhetoric is a hell of a drug. Even by the standards of Donald Trump, his final day of August on the campaign trail was a wild, whiplash-inducing ride. In the afternoon, Trump appeared in Mexico City.

Donald Trump Can’t Even Pander to White Voters The Right Way

gq.com — Hey man, your dogwhistle is busted. For a guy running for president as an unrepentant white nationalist, Donald Trump sure does seem fixated suddenly on winning over minority voters.
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Oct 21, 2016

Say this for Trump: He's goaded conservative intellectuals into writing some great stuff, like this from @continetti  http://freebeacon.com/columns/crisis-conservative-intellectual/ 

Oct 21, 2016

What will be the title of the inevitable Halperin/Heilemann 2016 book?

Oct 20, 2016

@GrahamDavidA @notthatalexjone Serious q: do people think he had good NBA career? I thought it was disappointing, albeit bc of injuries.

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