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Presenter of Sky News Tonight. Editor at Large. Sunday Times political columnist. I RT what amuses or interests me inc. criticism. RT is not an endorsement.

‘Do no harm’ yields to ‘do no less overtime’ — I am the son of a workaholic NHS hospital doctor. I don't remember a weekend passing without my father going off to work as a consultant anaesthetist, taking charge of the intensive care unit or researching his next academic paper and lecture.

Stop the War got Corbyn in. It could get him out too — Stop the War didn't stop the war. With what some might have considered indecent haste, the group was formed just 10 days after al-Qaeda's 9/11 attacks explicitly to oppose counterattacks by the West in Afghanistan and the Middle East. The chosen venue was the Quaker Friends House in central London.

The Brexit camp feels it is winning but struggles to say what the prize will be — The chancellor of the exchequer flies to Berlin on Tuesday to deliver a speech on the European Union. After the pummelling George Osborne has taken over tax credit cuts, this may feel like welcome relief for the government's status-conscious No 2.

A new grammar is no big deal - education is already improving — There is no quicker way to turn a dinner table conversation into a blazing row than to bring up the topic of schools. Wine glasses get knocked over and neighbourhood friendships rupture.

Look closer and austere George no longer seems a shoo-in for No 10 — On its opening day the Conservative conference has already chosen its star. It isn't David Cameron, who led the Tories out of coalition into an unexpected overall majority in the general election. It isn't Boris Johnson, traditionally the most popular boy inside the security cordon.

Labour’s cloud of bemused tolerance signals that Corbyn is here to stay — The media have worried in recent years about paying too much attention to party conferences. What were once internal parliaments have long been shorn of their policymaking powers. The effort and expense of getting cameras and correspondents through the security cordons resulted only in extended advertising opportunities for the politicians, as spin doctors orchestrated gatherings where lobbyists and hangers-on outnumbered "real" delegates.

Corbyn is living the dream of Tony Benn - now for the purge — This weekend's Labour leadership results have reset Britain's political battleground in a way no opposition party has managed since the formation of the SDP in 1981. Labour has recast itself thanks to the infusion of 177,144 new "registered" and "affiliated" supporters who voted, compared with 245,520 traditional members.

Another payload of lords pushes the House close to oblivion — Far from enshrining the highest honour in the land, the House of Lords has become a national embarrassment. "A House overflowing with lords draws scorn" was the derisive headline in The New York Times greeting the news that the government is cramming another 45 political cronies into an already overstuffed second chamber.

No beard, no loony leanings: meet Labour’s real next leader — Forget booze-ups in breweries and orgies in brothels; this summer Labour is comprehensively demonstrating that it can't organise an election inside a political party. As many of us head off for the hols, Labour faces a sweaty summer at home trying to choose three new standard bearers - a national leader, a deputy and a candidate for mayor of London.

Down in their cosy bunker, the BBC chiefs scream too much — Every reporter wants to be considered unsafe, a threat to the conventional wisdom. I was paid such a compliment indirectly when our team from Sky News was admitted to the outer chambers of Broadcasting House on Thursday.
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