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@EmilyGould If she has been victimized more directly than the "public punishment inflicted on a man always bounces off and sticks to women" you were talking about, that's awful and not indirect.
@EmilyGould To me, fallout from having a bad husband is not as significant as a number of the things I believe he's done. I don't want to speculate on what goes on within someone's marriage.
@EmilyGould I'm well aware of her name. She's a writer I like and admire. I thought it would be preferable not to name her in a tweet so that her name is searchable in that way. I have genuine sympathy for her.. Not sure why you're the judge of how sympathetic I am, but w/e.
@EmilyGould I'm sympathetic to Lorin's wife for the fallout she will face indirectly, but I'm more sympathetic to the women he's victimized directly.
@EmilyGould the public punishment that sticks to women largely sticks to victims of "bad" men. surely, women involved with bad men also face public stigmatization. but isn't that on the man and his behavior, not on the people outing him?
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