I write for The New Yorker. I also really like those little date-nut bars that are next to the register at bodegas. On many sides. On many sides.

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RT @chrislhayes: I have a hard time thinking any vote will be changed nine months from now based on who gets "blame" for a shutdown.
@apacheskydiving We can quibble about exactly who the "they" is (or could, if I weren't about to go offline), but I honestly don't think it changes very much.
@apacheskydiving thanks for approaching politely, which is why i'm responding. i don't have time to parse this in great detail right now, but the context was a litany of DJT's opinions of various countries. First China, then Japan, then Mexico.
"They're rapists." - Donald Trump, on Mexicans, literally two minutes into his presidential campaign
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