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@nytimes I don’t wear yoga pants or leggings to the gym “bc they make me feel hot,” I wear them because they make me feel like I can crush whatever workout I’m doing that day, and bc they *actually* help with performance. This woman, Jesus. Calm down with your gym “feminism”.
In what world did the @nytimes this this made a good story? | Why Yoga Pants Are Bad for Women 
10/ PS: Stay tuned for fun updates on whether we actually get our luggage “tomorrow,” as the super official man with the Sharpie promised. @wow_air @wowairsupport
9/ So don’t ever fly @wow_air. Don’t let them entice you with cute slogans, a fun color scheme, or just $99 flights to Europe. You’d literally be better off burning your money. @wowairsupport, do better.
8/ Moral of the story: When it comes to @wow_air, WOW doesnt exactly stand for anything positive; more like WOW I totally threw my $ away on a completely inept and inefficient airline that has zero concern for its paying customers. @wowairsupport
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