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Patriotism vs. Nativism Patriotism: Pride in your country, gratitude to those who preceded you, and resolve to make a contribution. Nativism: Chest-thumping by Americans who, as Americans, were born on third base, think they hit a triple, and look down on others less fortunate.
Looks like heading to a 3-week CR. February 8 becomes the new January 19. Means the immigration issue likely to dominate the next three weeks, not whatever Trump says in the State of the Union.
"In the early 20th century, the United States accepted millions of immigrants...Their children became the Greatest Generation—who fought the Second World War." If you care about American greatness, you should be for reasonably liberal immigration policies.  http://tws.io/2DSrAJ8 
"The path for a return to American greatness is through more immigrants—especially of the kind President Trump dismissed."  http://tws.io/2DQwWVa 
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