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Theresa May must rally her furious women - it's time to talk about sex — They're accessing abusive imagery at an increasingly young age, however hard their parents might try to block it. Without an open conversation about sex, boys think that the violent "porn" they stumble across online is the way to do it. Neither boys nor girls will grasp the concept of consent from videos furtively shared on smartphones.

Owen 'normal' Smith shows Labour isn't ready for a female leader — It feels sometimes to women like Ms Cooper that Labour is going back to the old brocialism of the 80s: comrades stitching up deals and manipulating party structures to keep the cronies in power.

Lonely Theresa May needs to make some friends, fast — Entering Downing Street as Prime Minister tomorrow, Theresa May will be painfully aware that she's the first woman since Margaret Thatcher to do so. For obvious reasons, though, she's wary of parallels with the Iron Lady, insisting not so long ago that she doesn't do 'role models'.

Team Theresa might be about to hand Andrea Leadsom the very thing all politicians crave — Politics has never been so unpredictable. Which is perilous for those involved in it - but fascinating for journalists reporting on it. The news cycle has shortened to a nano-second, and these days an MP can go from hero to zero - or the reverse - in the blink of an eye.

May is Britain's Merkel - she should heed her lessons — The Home Secretary has been telling us a little more about what kind of Prime Minister she would be. It was classic May: authoritative, but entirely unsurprising. This is both her weapon of choice, and the chink in her armour.

Theresa May is Britain's answer to Angela Merkel - and should learn from her failings — When it looked as if Conservative members would be choosing between Mr Johnson and Mrs May, this sobriety was what might have given her the edge. No matter how much Boris tickled their fancy, did the grassroots really want a celebrity politician at a time when what's needed is a technocrat - someone with a cool head and a sober grasp of the details?

British politics has never been nastier. Let's hope we can find a way back — The flowers were only the start. Floral tributes to Jo Cox have been piled high in both the Yorkshire constituency of Birstall and Parliament Square. But long after those blooms have faded, the MP's family and friends want a lasting legacy to remain. That legacy can be summed up in one word: hope.

Theresa May might finally be about make her leadership bid - Boris Johnson should be scared — Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, meanwhile, is certain to stand for the leadership, but troubles over academies and battles waged and lost with number 10 over issues like sex education have rather dented her authority. Authority, though, is something May has in spades.

150 years after the suffragettes went into battle there are still more men in politics - let's change that — Labour still does better than any of the other parties at getting women elected, and that's in part thanks to removing men from the shortlists in certain winnable seats. No wonder an exasperated David Cameron still periodically threatens to follow suit.

Job-sharing makes MPs seem weak and riddled with self-doubt. Political women need to go it alone — Few are in any doubt that politics is in crisis. Distrust in our elected representatives, voters' scepticism about the power of MPs to improve their lives, and a fragmentation of traditional political support have all combined to leave many well-meaning politicians scratching their heads - and wondering whether it's really worth it.
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Aug 18, 2016

Hoping against hope @CharlieCW gets well soon. An inspiring athlete, broadcaster and staunch campaigner for women's rights #charliewebster

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RT @JRTomlinAuthor: @cathynewman Let me give you a suggestion. You might want to join us in the 21st century & leave McCarthy in the 20th.

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