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What 'Rudderless' Amber could learn from Teflon Theresa — These political rows won't be the last at her department. The occupants of the Home Office live their lives in the headlines, and sometimes those headlines claim their careers. Just ask Jacqui Smith, who quit after claiming expenses for her husband's adult films. Or Charles Clarke, sacked after a row over the failure to deport sufficient numbers of foreign prisoners.

Cathy Newman: What happened the day I confronted a zealous anti-abortion protester — There comes a moment in every investigation when, after months - sometimes years - of work, you have to confront the people you've been quietly probing. For nearly a year, I researched hardline anti-abortion campaigners with my colleagues at Hardcash Productions.

No one should have to run this gauntlet: Channel 4 News presenter on the pressure women face from the growing anti-abortion movement — Most women think long and hard before having an abortion. I know, because a decade ago I had one myself. It was one of the most traumatic decisions I've ever had to make. My husband and I had one little girl already, and we were desperate to give her a sibling.

Teen mum turned Labour MP: Why Angela Rayner should have the Tories running scared — "Tony Blair talked about education, education, education. Theresa May wants segregation, segregation, segregation," she quipped. It was a clever line - uniting party members in opposition to the prime minister's controversial grammar schools announcement, while at the same time reminding them of their inability to do anything about it unless Labour is capable of forming a government once again.

Social media has been destroyed by online trolls and there's no way back 

Oi Jamie Oliver, it's not Theresa May's job to wipe Britain's bottom — There is, it seems, a special place in hell reserved for female politicians who, for whatever reason, don't have any children. The latest example? Theresa May has just found herself being berated by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver for acting like a politician rather than a parent.

Politics is full of dull men - we need more 'walled off' women like Hillary Clinton — At first, h er reserve looked like a strength. As soon as she entered Downing Street in June, she showed herself to be steely, in control - a serious woman for serious times, fed up with the antics of the public schoolboys who'd held the ring before her.

Nice try Jeremy Corbyn, but all-women shortlists won't drain Labour's sexist swamp — Of course, there are many who say all-women shortlists are decidedly not the answer, and I do understand their concerns. Who wants to be the woman who makes it to Westminster, only to find colleagues doubt her abilities because half the people who wanted the job were barred from applying?

Theresa May must rally her furious women - it's time to talk about sex — They're accessing abusive imagery at an increasingly young age, however hard their parents might try to block it. Without an open conversation about sex, boys think that the violent "porn" they stumble across online is the way to do it. Neither boys nor girls will grasp the concept of consent from videos furtively shared on smartphones.

Owen 'normal' Smith shows Labour isn't ready for a female leader — It feels sometimes to women like Ms Cooper that Labour is going back to the old brocialism of the 80s: comrades stitching up deals and manipulating party structures to keep the cronies in power.
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Oct 20, 2016

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Hearing these stories of children with cancer so heartbreaking #SU2C #TattooFixers

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