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@m000558 @Joemanji84 @cathynewman @jordanbpeterson @Channel4News My mistake. I said “loads” not “many”. They are similar words in my mind. And not the same as either “all” or “most”
@m000558 @Joemanji84 @cathynewman @jordanbpeterson @Channel4News There is no attempt at spin here - I have no problem with you thinking it was rubbish. I’m just saying it’s quite hard to engage with critics if they are calling you b****, c***, etc. And if you look through the comments on twitter and Youtube you will see what I mean.
@British_Ideas @cathynewman No of course now. Disagree and criticise all you like. Just don’t call her names
@A9S8K9 @cathynewman I have absolutely no problem with you criticising it - but yes I have no doubt Cathy was sincere in her approach
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