Professor and Dean Emeritus (now retired) at the Newhouse School at SU. Specialist in First Amendment Law.

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Too bad that the terrified #Trump enablers in the House and Senate refuse to say what Senator Flake is saying today about our Would-Be Dictator Donald Mao Stalin Trump on the subject of media freedom. Flake deserves a shoutout. 
@JaridWatson Dear Jarid: No, I am not surprised. Nothing Trump does would surprise me any longer except competence, and I don't think we are going to get that any time soon, or ever. Thanks for liking my tweet. I will keep them coming whenever Trump gets near a First Amendment issue.
Does #Trump even know, or care, that there is no federal libel law for him to make tougher, as if he could focus on any piece of legislation for more than one minute? Does no one in the West Wing brief him on this basic point? Pathetic. 
Dear #Trump: There is nothing wrong with our libel laws. Just sue Wolff, put yourself and your staffers, or ex-staffers, under oath, and put some real facts into the marketplace for a change. Do you have the guts to testify? Doubt it.
@AnneMessenger Dear Anne: Great to hear from you. Are you in the race against Katko? It is taking a LOT longer for Summerville to recover from 5.3 inches of snow than it would Syracuse. They do little plowing or salting. We have to wait for the sun to work and it's below 32 so we're stuck.
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