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It really annoys me when children's cartoons portray fish characters out on land with a bowl of water on their head but the bowl doesn't cover their gills so would be functionally useless In other news, I've had hardly any sleep
@rhynocerous @holly I've written 3 articles about this but basically it presents a scientifically flawed, alarmingly biased view of how depression works. It's like a narrative was created to support an excisting conclusion, one that's leading people to make damaging, possibly fatal decisions
@MittenDAmour I resent this image. Given my background, it will be barely a minute before I'm compelled to 'stick the head in', if only to satisfy my family's honour
Also, regarding this, my piece on the dangers of Hari's antidepressant claims was run by several editors, the Guardian legal team, and rewritten several times as a result to make it watertight. There's nothing here to suggest the compliant was about my arguments, not Hari's
In hindsight, this is probably not the best approach to take when interacting with your own publisher 
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