Regularly covering race and advocating for equity in the outdoors.

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Based in Seattle, Wash., Glenn Nelson is the founder of The Trail Posse, which regularly covers race, diversity and inclusion in the outdoors. He also is a founding member of the Next 100 Coalition, a national alliance of organizations of color advocating for equal access to public lands.

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Society of Environmental Journalists Award

2017 - Outstanding Beat Reporting, Small Market
Second Place, Beat: Race, Inclusion and Environmental Justice "Glenn Nelson’s work deftly tackles issues of race and diversity in the outdoors, repeatedly exploring the experiences that can make us fall in love with nature, and the social and economic circumstances, and cultural differences that can keep a person of color from finding and deepening those connections. His pieces grapple with the homogeneity that is exacerbating a decline in the national park system and limiting the breadth of the environmental movement. Mr. Nelson’s writing also resonates with personal insight, lending an emotional depth to his stories."