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If Film Noir did Bitcoin - would Wright be the wrong man?

channel4.com — But if this was a Film Noir cut of events, like Alfred Hitchcock's The Wrong Man, Craig Wright could never turn out to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto. He's too corporate, too neatly suited, too needy of the world's attention. Today, a good deal of the Bitcoin community seemed to agree with that.

Why are housing associations failing to build enough homes?

channel4.com — In the UK, 5 million people are waiting on local authority waiting lists. For many politicians, including Conservative Bob Blackman MP, the problem is caused by a failure to build enough homes over the last decade and a half. "The principle problem of housing in this country is the lack of supply," said Mr Blackman.

Hats off to our deficit-cutting bankers

cnbc.com — Peter Dazeley | Photographer's Choice | Getty Images Now, you may think that there's no better way to redistribute wealth than take it from crooked bankers. But it's actually a bit more complex than that. Traditionally, fines were kept by the U.K. regulators that levied them - like in most major financial markets around the world.

Bankers’ pay should be a blueprint for the rest of UK

cnbc.com — Dimitri Vervitsiotis | Photographer's Choice RF | Getty Images True, official statistics show that since the start of the banking crisis seven years ago, financial sector workers have enjoyed a 27 per cent wage increase, compared with 12 per cent for the whole country.

UK Chancellor's right-hand man eyes hedge fund move

cnbc.com — Matthew Lloyd | Bloomberg | Getty Images Until fairly recently, Harrison, 35, who has two young children, was expected to stand as a Tory candidate in next year's election. His predecessor, Matthew Hancock, was one of the 2010 intake and has risen up the ministerial ranks rapidly.

'Brexit' will benefit British business: UKIP

cnbc.com — British business will not be harmed by a U.K. exit from the European Union, the leader of Britain's eurosceptic U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) told CNBC -- despite the latest survey showing the vast majority of manufacturers in favor of remaining in Europe. "The fact is this country trades at a massive deficit with Europe.

Knife-edge Scottish vote cuts deep divide

cnbc.com — One of Scotland's most influential chief executives, Martin Gilbert, says the debate over Scottish independence has become so bitter that whatever the outcome, either Scotland or the United Kingdom will become deeply divided. In Edinburgh, most people we ask on the streets are in the "yes" camp as passions intensify ahead of Thursday's vote.

An A-Z of Scotland post-independence

cnbc.com — M - Ministy of Defence - Gone AWOL, like those Trident submarines, whose absence from the River Clyde removes Scotland from NATO. N - Nine point two (9.2 per cent), Scotland's share of UK GDP. At £145 billion, this puts its global economic influence on par with Pakistan and Qatar.

A clever move for London’s brewing heiress

cnbc.com — After all, why would Heineken - a listed Dutch company in the iron grip of a fourth generation family, play ball with U.K.-listed SABMiller? They certainly didn't hit it off the last time SAB and Heineken came to blows. Back then, it was over the auction to buy Bavaria.

Bank of England’s next task? Ice bucket challenge

cnbc.com — For weeks, celebrities have been embracing the charity ice bucket challenge - and now the stunt has arrived at the Bank of England (BoE). Former BoE Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) member Andrew Sentence told CNBC on Thursday that he had taken up the challenge himself, and nominated the entire rate-setting committee to do the same.
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Aug 04, 2016

Bank of England forecasts a period of weakness including an expectation of a fall in real income + "little" decline in house prices

Aug 04, 2016

Between now and 2018 just over 200,000 jobs will be lost with unemployment rising from 4.9% to 5.4% 2017 5.6% 2018

Aug 04, 2016

Bank of England's forecast for unemployment doesn't look as bad as Treasury's pre-brexit predictions #BOE #Brexit

Aug 04, 2016

The chancellor tells BoE Gov he's prepared to "take any necessary steps" ahead of November's Autumn statement https://t.co/FFbVpsdaU4

Aug 04, 2016

An interesting note from the new chancellor to Carney: "I am prepared to take any necessary steps to support economy + promote confidence"

Aug 04, 2016

But this time the bank clearly wants to avoid doing too little too late

Aug 04, 2016

Since March 2009 bank of England's stimulus package for the UK economy = £545bn total #BOE #Brexit

Aug 04, 2016

Brexit vote cost UK economy around £45bn, according 2 Bank of England which now forecasts a 2.5% cut 2growth over 3yr horizon @Channel4News

Aug 04, 2016

Bank of England cuts growth forecasts by 2.5pc over 3yr horizon - the worse downgrade since 1993 #BOE @Channel4News

Aug 04, 2016

Question is: hv we avoided recession because Bank got it wrong or bc the bank rescued the uk economy with its £170bn stimulus package

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