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All Those Classic Cars in Cuba! --Shouldn't Pinko Politicians, Celebrities and Tourists Thank Batista for Them? - 
What do Trump's "Fake News" Winners have in common?--all have Havana bureaus, all have LONG been exposed by Babalu Blog as flagrant liars and propaganda mouthpieces of Castro regime! - 
Sarah Huckabee slams Jeff Flake by (obviously) borrowing from Babalu: “He recently went to Cuba and served as mouthpiece for Cuban Gov.” - 
Why do Cuban-Americans always vote like "White-Americans?" Might they--GULP!--be mostly white themselves?!--(WARNING! If you're offended by TRUTH about ethnicity--seek a "safe-space" before reading this post!) - 
Fidel Castro? or Conrad Birdie? (How American "Feminists" SWOONED (!!!) over the jailer and torturer of the longest-suffering women political prisoners in modern history!--"We love you Fidel--oh YES we DO!" - 
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