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John Moe plays 'Find the Teddy' with your favorite bands — John Moe gazes into the facade of Mount Rushmore and decides to look into areas of music where he could most easily find a dominant foursome to determine if, wherever there is a group of four, there is a notably less stellar member of the group: the Teddy.

John Moe explores The Three Levels Of Music Discovery — 'There are three levels to discovering music,' John Moe writes, 'the kind of music that makes you stop what you're doing and give a focused listen.' John describes and gives examples of what those three levels are. See what you think, and share some of your own discoveries.

John Moe's ABSOLUTE NON-NEGOTIABLE RULES THAT EVERY BAND WILL HAVE TO FOLLOW or TOWARD A UNIFIED SYSTEM OF BAND NOMENCLATURE — I don't like the Utah Jazz of the NBA. It's for the same reason I don't like the Orlando Magic: lack of definite article, lack of plural noun. When a player joins the Pistons, he can say, "I'm a Piston" but when he joins the Jazz, then what? "I'm a Jazz ...

Final Schedule for the 2016 Republican National Convention. — Lists Final Schedule for the 2016 Republican National Convention. Night 1 - "The Star-Spangled Banner" sung by Kid Rock (featuring Scott Stapp on spoons) Speakers: - The robot baby from American Sniper - Chris Christie reenacts Mr. Trump's favorite scenes from Coach - Ann Coulter just stands there for an hour, then plays theremin for an hour, then two more hours of standing - George W.

John Moe: On the Cognitive Dissonance of Seeing Bon Scott Sing 'Build Me Up Buttercup' — Sometimes a video can be amusing, then funny, then existentially upsetting. Such was the case when I came across this one of Bon Scott, the late singer of AC/DC, singing the '60s bubblegum pop classic, "Build Me Up Buttercup." Here: Look at him! Doing the second vocal with a group called The Valentines!

Excerpts From Dagwood Bumstead’s Intervention. — Excerpts From Dagwood Bumstead's Intervention. Blondie, wife: I do love you. I can't help that. But your relationship with food is killing you. It's killing us. At first it seemed like an eccentricity. Charming, almost. Almost. But the sandwiches, those obscene, grotesque sandwiches you consume ... Why do you need them so desperately?

John Moe's supergroup showdown: nicknames or proper names? — I'm always happy when I meet someone named Dave because I know I'll like them. I've liked several Davids I've met but I've been very fond of every Dave I've gotten to know. There's something about shedding the formality of the second syllable that cheers the name up.

Pros and Cons of Hillary Clinton’s Top 20 Vice-Presidential Candidates. — Lists Pros and Cons of Hillary Clinton's Top 20 Vice-Presidential Candidates. 1. Tim Kaine, Governor, Virginia Pro: Swing state, fluent in Spanish, safe choice Con: Political equivalent of plain yogurt. 2. Elizabeth Warren, Senator, Massachusetts Pro: Appeal to left wing of party, could hold her own in a street fight if it comes to that, will cut you, man Con: Habit of literally burning down Wall Street banks 3.

John Moe and those albums we listen to over and over — Have you had an album you couldn't stop listening to? It's certainly happened to John Moe with Ben Folds Five's 1997 release. 'I wouldn't go so far as calling it an addiction since it didn't interfere with my work or home life but I would call it a compulsion,' Moe writes.

A matter of taste -- or place? John Moe imagines two music festivals — Summer is a great time for music festivals, leading John Moe to ask if it would be possible to organize a festival for bands named after geographical locations or a festival for bands named after food. Suppose you were offered free passes to either Geographest or Gastropalooza: Which would you choose?
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Aug 30, 2016

@paulandstorm I served her cookies when she was a child and I worked in a cafe in Missoula, Montana.

Aug 30, 2016

Trump appearing in Everett, Washington tonight in an appearance arranged by his new campaign scheduler, a 20-sided die.

Aug 30, 2016

I really really reeeeeally am surprised by the response to these. And honored and flattered.

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