Laura Palmer understudy. Contributor: @Wired Weekend Editor @io9 Alt/AD @maybejulie23 Trans girl. She/her. juliemuncy23 AT gmail.

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@eva_ursa @PositronicWoman I hope I am not overstepping boundaries but saying this thread was a delight to find
RT @108: i am watching “the handmaid’s tale.” i have read the book! it’s great. anyway this show is like a bioshock cutscene…
so I use my deadname on rideshare apps, for safety reasons, and this driver was talkative and ended up asking what I did, and we chatted a bit about it, and he wanted to look up my work boy's gonna have a time when he realizes he was talking to a julie
@WillCarpenterJR i remember it but it was during my too-cool-for-cartoon-network phase
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