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Shaking things up. Former @WSJ tech columnist, @recode reviewer, @verge reviews editor. Proud mama of two boys. katie.boehret@gmail.com

Not Ready for iPhone 5? Upgrade to iOS 6 Offers Some New Tricks

wsj.com — The good news for plenty of current iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users pondering buying the new iPhone 5 is that they'll get many of the 200 new features in Apple's free update for mobile software, iOS 6, available on Wednesday.

Google will help your self-diagnosis with new symptom search

theverge.com — If some part of your body itches or burns, you've probably searched for free medical advice on Google. But an overload of results can have you mistaking an allergic reaction for an STD - or vice versa. Either way, it's no fun.

Eero's Family Profiles feature will annoy kids just in time for summer break

theverge.com — Schools across the country are just about to close for summer break, which means parents are just about start nagging their kids about getting too much screen time. Starting today, homes with the Eero Wi-Fi system will have an easier way to control which members of the family use the internet and for how long.

The Nanit camera watches and studies your baby's sleep patterns

theverge.com — Self-driven cars use computer vision, but what about your baby monitor? Today, a company called Nanit launched with the promise of using computer vision and machine learning algorithms to watch, study, and learn from your sleeping baby.

The Blocks modular smartwatch can now be pre-ordered

theverge.com — If you've been dreaming about owning a customizable smartwatch, the modular watch that London-based Blocks promised is now available - but just for pre-order. And nothing gives a pre-order announcement a little extra spice like a teaser video: This watch, we we told you all about last fall, was originally expected to ship in May, but pre-orders will now ship in October barring any more delays.

Withings's super-smart Body Cardio scale keeps an eye on your heart's health

theverge.com — Drink lots of water. Keep going to yoga. Use your standing desk more often. We know these habits are good for our health, but for a long time now, one practice has proven to help us actually lose weight: weighing ourselves. I know, I know. It's really annoying.

Uber needs to stop nudging me into carpooling

theverge.com — I should've known it was too good to last. It started out slow, as the best relationships often do, but I quickly found myself needing him more and more. Whenever I reached out, he was there without questions or judgement - on late nights, when no one else showed up, and even when I forgot my wallet at home.

Google Maps is about to get a lot more ads

theverge.com — Get a good look at Google Maps now, because it may soon start filling up with lots of company logos. In a blog post today, Google says it will start experimenting with showing logos for physical business locations on Google Maps, both in your desktop browser and on the mobile app.

This Molekule air filter is obsessed with destroying pollutants

theverge.com — A lot of people who suffer from allergies hide inside their houses - especially in the spring. But your indoor air could be up to five times more polluted, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. To solve that problem, a company called Molekule is launching the first molecular air purifier - a two-foot-tall cylinder that sucks in and destroys the stuff that pollutes your air.

The Bluetooth-connected breast pump that tracks pumping sessions

theverge.com — Any new parent will tell you that scheduling is a huge aspect of life with a baby. Moms who breastfeed are especially aware of timing so they know when their baby's next feeding is coming up -or when they'll have to use their breast pump.
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Sep 30, 2016

Of these options, I'd only want OTA software updates and directions to get a Whopper.  https://twitter.com/wired/status/781825244793335808 

Sep 29, 2016

@sree Next time you're in DC, I'm claiming a 6:30am walk with you, Sree!

Sep 29, 2016

"What we're doing in Vietnam is incredible ... raging capitalism." -@JohnKerry at #ideasforum "Transformation comes through diplomacy."

Sep 29, 2016

Finding, in the adversaries, a meeting of the minds on interests. @JohnKerry, when asked for his diplomacy "secret sauce" #ideasforum

Sep 29, 2016

"Syria is as complicated a thing as I've ever seen in public life," says @JohnKerry at start of his convo here at Washington #ideasforum

Sep 29, 2016

As @JohnKerry sits down w/ @TheAtlantic's Steve Clemons, he discusses serious challenges of diplomacy. #ideasforum https://t.co/a0OFuEzHHe

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