Host Katie Halper Show, Left, feminist "BernieBro" writer Salon, Vice, Nation, Rolling Stone,

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Katie Halper is a comic, writer, blogger, satirist and filmmaker based in New York and the host of The Katie Halper Show on WBAI. Katie graduated from The Dalton School (where she teaches history) and Wesleyan University (where she learned that labels are for jars). A director of Living Liberally...

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@Ymir_FrostGiant @soulkhan @eclecticbrotha What’s your code of conduct? Like when he told me to go f*** myself w/ cenk uygar’s dick, was that problematic?
@Ymir_FrostGiant @soulkhan @eclecticbrotha Right. Eclectic is super respectful & being a good ally is never criticizing a person of color.
RT @JackSmithIV: Almost one year to the DAY, felony charges have been dropped from 129 defendants for the Disrupt #J20 protest. 59 s…
@Alex__Katz Ok. So, let’s go through this rationally without snark or ad hominem. You supported Clinton over Sanders. Presumably, you think they have different politics? You describe HRC as liberal. What word would you use for Sanders? What word would you use for Manning?
@waitwherethe I respect this take, though, likewise (I assume) disagree with your economic ideas. I think the reason some Bernie Bashers attack us as Russian bots, racists or sexists is bc it's easier to try to delegitimize us than engage in substantive argument. I also suspect some genuinely
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