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Inequality is a global problem. Here's how to tackle it - CapX

capx.co — "Inclusive growth" is a frequently heard term as countries grapple with the recent rise in inequality - even as poverty has fallen sharply over the past two and a half decades worldwide. To give the term meaning requires fashioning growth policies that reduce inequality without resorting to harmful protectionism.

The way forward for a post-Brexit Britain | London Business School

london.edu — Are free trade agreements the answer for the UK and its future with Europe? Linda Yueh explores Britain's negotiations with the EU will take years. But so do trade agreements - so it makes sense to start talks with the US, China, Japan, as well as the Commonwealth, which includes India, Canada, Australia, and others now.

As the Chinese ambassador questions the delay, would cancelling the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant severely damage UK-China economic ties?

cityam.com — The UK-China relationship will be hurt by the decision to delay and potentially halt Hinkley Point. The "Golden Era" of bilateral relations will suffer a setback, as China will perceive this decision as a loss of face. But while our short-term economic relationship will take a hit, there will be longer-term benefits.

Infrastructure holds Europe’s untapped potential

europesworld.org — The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), commonly referred to as the Juncker Plan, is off to a good start, stimulating pledges from not only European but also non-EU countries like China. The plan is to raise a considerable sum of €315bn over three years by working with the European Investment Bank (EIB), which will...

The Brexit trade-off

blog.oup.com — Amidst the uncertainty around what will happen after Britain's historic vote to leave the European Union, there is some clarity about the next steps. Boris Johnson, the prominent Leave campaigner and PM contender, has set out his views in a newspaper article in which he says that Britons will have the right to live and work in the EU.

Chinese steel and protectionism: As the US slaps a 522 per cent tariff on steel imports from China, should the world fear a new trade war?

cityam.com — Things could be much worse than they presently are. In the century to 1950, world tariffs averaged 20 to 50 per cent. Now they average 1 to 3 per cent. But protectionism ain't dead yet. We've seen it aplenty from populist presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo will soon snatch at Apple’s crown

ft.com — Alphabet, Google's parent company, this month briefly surpassed Apple as the most valuable listed business in the world - at more than $550bn. In the long term, however, both companies may find it hard to hang on to the top spots as dominant western

Are we heading for a crash?

theguardian.com — This episode doesn't smell to me like apocalypse now. But what we are seeing are the structural weaknesses of the post-2008 recovery, and we're getting a glimpse of what a real crash could look like. True, the FTSE is now down over 20% and officially in bear-market territory, where share prices are expected to keep falling.

The Chinese box: the opaque economic borders of the Chinese state

oxrep.oxfordjournals.org — Although the state in China is no longer all encompassing as it had been during the pre-1979 centrally planned period, it still reaches into numerous areas of the economy, notably through its continuing ownership of state-owned enterprises. As a result, China poses a paradox in that it has incomplete property rights and rule of law which are thought to be essential for growth.

Why China’s Market Crash Is So Unsurprising

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Sep 28, 2016

My latest piece: Tackling global #inequality should be mostly a domestic rather than a #trade issue for governments  http://capx.co/z3NDf 

Sep 28, 2016

UK most problematic factors for doing business: Tax regulations Inadequate infrastructure Taxes Inadequate workforce  http://reports.weforum.org/global-competitiveness-index/country-profiles/#economy=GBR 

Sep 28, 2016

Top 10 #competitive economies: Switzerland Singapore US Netherlands Germany Sweden UK (up 3 places) Japan HK Finland https://t.co/inHJSCVx5i https://t.co/SO8phk2zwV

Sep 27, 2016

RT @LBS: UK’s prospects post-Brexit depend on the deals it can negotiate with the EU and other nations, says LBS’s… https://t.co/lSQQE0Di1b

Sep 27, 2016

WTO sources: significant uncertainty over Britain’s new status within the multilateral trade body after #Brexit  http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/fox-prioritises-free-trade-deal-over-eu-customs-nscb5gs0q 

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