writes the nationally syndicated humor column It Is What It Is. Author of Untying Parent Anxiety & perfectly imperfect parent, among other things.

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Lisa likes to write. A lot. And she's been doing it for a really, reeeeally long time.

At the moment, she's writing a series of four parenting books called Untying Parent Anxiety: 18 Myths that Have You in Knots—And How to Get Free, for Familius Publishing. The first book in the series, geared to...

What was your first job as a journalist?

Started the day after I graduated from college. My commute was 90 mins. I was a reporter for the Canton Journal. Felt like the NY Times.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yup. Although I'm a two-finger typist. Never learned proper technique. But I'm fast. (Inaccurate, but fast.)

How is social media changing news?

Nowadays, all news is delivered and dissected immediately...in real time. It's like we're connected to it, wherever it's happening.


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