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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue-Arizona, What Color Are You?

theatlantic.com — Apples and Oranges: The Clinton Foundation and the Trump Foundation have been under increasing scrutiny throughout the 2016 presidential race, but experts say these two charities "are about as different as the candidates themselves."

How Bill Clinton's Statement on Al Gore's 2000 Presidential Concession Evolved

theatlantic.com — On December 14, 2000, President Bill Clinton gave one of the last difficult statements of his presidency on the year's presidential race. New drafts of those remarks show how they evolved. This article is from the archive of our partner .

Between ISIS and Airstrikes

theatlantic.com — The start Monday of Iraqi military operations to wrest Mosul from ISIS kicks off one of the last major battles in the fight against the terror group, which declared its "caliphate" from Iraq's then second-largest city in 2014.

Trump's 'Rigging' Allegations: Why Democracy Depends on Graceful Losers

theatlantic.com — Donald Trump likes to sort the world into winners and losers, which isn't a bad way of thinking about democracy. Winners and losers of elections have essential responsibilities in functioning democracies. Winners do not exact revenge on their opponent by, say, abusing the powers of their office and jailing that opponent, as the Republican candidate threatened to do at the second presidential debate.

FBI Official Alleged Clinton Email 'Quid Pro Quo' Offer

theatlantic.com — An FBI official alleged that a senior State Department official offered up a shady deal to protect the former secretary, prompting a fresh outcry from Republicans and denials from the Obama administration. A quid pro quo is kind of like Fight Club: If you're offering up a shady quid pro quo to the FBI, you probably shouldn't actually call it a quid pro quo.

'SNL' Parodies Melania Trump With Sympathy and a Sneer

theatlantic.com — SNL and pop culture pay loving disrespect to Donald Trump's wife. As more women come forward with allegations of harassment against Donald Trump, more scrutiny is also being directed toward the women who are still standing with him. Female ally No.

Clinton Campaign Announces a New Strategy in Arizona

theatlantic.com — The Democratic nominee is pouring resources into a state that has traditionally been carried by Republicans. Arizona has been a Republican stronghold for 11 of the last 12 presidential elections. But in light of a tumultuous month for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton is moving in.

Why Amy Schumer Targeted Trump in Tampa

theatlantic.com — But: "Of course, we're in Florida, you're going to boo," Schumer said, in reply to the audible push-back on her comments. She added: "I know you're here to laugh, but you choose how you're going to live your life, and it's just too important."

How 'Unprecedented' Are Trump's Claims of a Rigged Election?

theatlantic.com — Allegations of voter fraud have been used to delegitimize balloting-and especially black votes-for years, with nowhere near as much pushback. Donald Trump spent much of the last few days insisting that the presidential election is rigged. The press, in turn, spent the same days warning darkly that Trump's statements could gravely undermine faith in American democracy, even if-especially if-he loses in November.

About Those 79 Cents

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Oct 23, 2016

RT @GrahamVyse: With all this Schilling talk, it's worth reading the great @mollyesque on a popular Mass. Republican: Chahlie Baykah https://t.co/2mhuGtdgGc

Oct 22, 2016

@MZHemingway still waiting for a presidential candidate who will promise to support a constitutional amendment banning the DH

Oct 21, 2016

RT @sayswhopodcast: The special post-debate episode of Says Who is out! We're joined by @mollyesque and @maureenjohnson battles a ghost: https://t.co/runVffNI44

Oct 21, 2016

RT @wpjenna: At charity roast, Donald Trump gave a speech that might as well have been a eulogy for his presidential campaign: https://t.co/ZH26X3UPgK

Oct 20, 2016

RT @maureenjohnson: The new @sayswhopodcast will be up TOMORROW! Special guests: @mollyesque and @MarcEvanJackson. Time to deal with DEBATE THE THIRD.

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