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Sen. Schumer suggests he made a border-wall offer to President Trump at WH meeting before shutdown. But he declined… 
WashPo says Schumer poll shows Democrats lose if voters recognize their amnesty push is causing the government shut… 
@RonBrownstein Re. your August 10 story about immigration & Social Security. Hmmm. What percentage of legal or illegal immigrants pay more in SS taxes than they receive in aid? Worth noting: 
Paul Ryan endorses Trump's "merit immigration" plan -- providing it also includes low-wage, unskilled dairy workers in his home district. Cow-milking robots hardest hit (along with Ryan's claim to be a free-market advocate) 
More data re. 'dreamers' -- 32 years of Arizona data shows they commit more than twice as many crimes as similar-age Americans. IOW, not 'The best of our nation' as Pelosi claims. PS: Most of their victims are also Hispanic. 
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